Hello, all!

Some of you will notice that there are suddenly links popping up in posts! Don't worry, they are perfectly safe and actually very helpful to this website. I've installed some software here that simply links words and phrases that can (hopefully) make us some money to help support this website. I know no one is a big fan of ads, but I'm looking for the least obnoxious and least obtrusive methods to help this site support itself. I care about your experience here and absolutely do not want to diminish your user experience in our community. With that said...

This website is really expensive to run. I put the ads up for those who wish to help us out and for those who do, I truly, greatly appreciate it.

My goal in this is to provide interesting, potentially helpful (or even entertaining at times, as we've noticed ) ads that aren't in your way. Member experience here is vitally important to me. But, so is having a site for my members.

This is a trial run to see if the links are better than the other ads placed around the website. They may not be beneficial in the long run and in that case, they will be removed.

Again, to those who support this website, I greatly appreciate it. The support means so much to me.

Thank you,