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Thread: Color Protect? Help!

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    Red face Color Protect? Help!

    I guess I've been away longer than I thought; LHC has apparently lost all the data??? Just my luck, I get *my* computer fixed and everything goes haywire here!

    Anyway, I need some help! I originally signed on to LHC to get hair styling ideas. Now, I'm dying my hair (shush, I know how bad it is, but once or twice a year isn't so bad...right?) and I would like input on what hair product or home recipe I could use to help keep the colors (yes, two, but only one from the extreme side of things) from fading too quickly....

    ...and with my luck, all the threads are gone! Can someone point me in the right direction or give me tips?

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    Default Colour protect

    From what I have read - Paula Begoun included - the shampoos and conditioners designed to protect hair colour are no better than the ones for other purposes.

    However they do tend to help in one respect - they usually have a lower pH.

    When hair is coloured with conventional colour - the cuticle is somewhat swelled and can be rough - so - a weak vinegar rinse - 1 tsp to 24 oz of water left on the hair for 30 to 60 seconds and rinsed out would help with that.

    The other major factor in hair colour fading is sunlight - it is a good idea to protect the hair from sun damage anyway - coloured hair in particular because it is usually more fragile but it also will help keep your colour longer.

    I have also read that skin sunblock can be used on hair as a leave-in - now that will depend on how much you use - a bit cannot hurt and you could put it directly on a hair parting - so your scalp in that area is protected. There are spray-on sunblocks with good SPF's - 15 and over.

    Apparently they have not yet shown a measured SPF of so called sun protective/colour protective shampoos and conditioners which determines the amount of sun protection in them - at least none that I am aware of lists an SPF.

    Henna supposedly is a natural sunblock but it is a permanent commitment - not the solution unless you are willing to grow it out and cut it off if you change your mind - it will fade and can be lightened - but complete henna removal has so far not been reported to be successful.
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    One thing I have found that helps alot with my color is to use the coldest water you can. Hot water really strips my color out. I went the CO route for a while and that is really good to help with the color, but my hair is so fine and thin that everything builds up. I now use very diluted shampoo and that helps to.

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