Calling all non-trimmers, old and new! If you're fed up with losing length to trims or cuts, join the club! Individual split ends snipping (search & destroy) doesn't count

Post here how long you've not been trimming, and/or how long you want to abstain from it. What goals do you want to reach before you grab the scissors? Do you want to maintain or develop fairy tale ends? Have you joined the old club and then fell off the wagon during the 'dark ages' of LHC?

I haven't trimmed my hair since I found the (old) LHC and decided to grow my hair again. That's just over 2.5 years. I started from a layered, shoulder length cut, which gave me 'artificial' fairy tale ends as my hair grew to waist. My goal is tailbone, and I think I will not trim until then. I'm quite happy with the look and health of my hair, and I do (occasionally) S&D.

The club welcomes members old and new!