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    Default Bun tutorial: Puffed Not-ilus

    Stellaaa and I get asked about this bun. Quite a bit. Like over the course of the last couple of years.

    So, after overcoming the barrier of technology not being my friend, and the pressure of Stellaaa giving in and doing a tutorial herself, I got my kid to video my version of this bun.

    Stellaaa did an amazing video, which you will see linked also! She derserves a big hand for giving a great demonstration, including verbal instructions, which I was too lazy to do.

    Stellaaa helped me figure out how to upload my video after I downloaded the Imovie app and dubbed some music over the gunshots in the background (I was videoed at the gun range during the last light of the day during my kid's pistol practice. Hey, busy mom on the go and all that stuff) Stella graciously hosted my version to help me out.

    RavenHeather caught a glimpse of my preview with the original audio and said I should call the video: "bunning under fire." Now it has cheesy IMovie soundtrack track that I actually don't prefer but ah, well. My vid is the second one and Stellaaa's is the first.

    I think that my kid did a great job on my video (second link) and he was pretty cocky about it. "Of course," he says, "I'm great at stuff like that." Little turkey.

    My hair is several days post wash, so, oily and less poofy and curly than freshly washed.

    You will notice, I wrap down and over my hand, while Stellaaa wraps up and over her hand. Do whichever you want. Try left handed, my way, or right handed, Stellaaa's way. Take your pick.

    Here's what Stellaaa had to say and the video links:
    "Very often when I post an action shot, I'm asked "What bun is that?"It's a bun I made up one day when I did a nautilus too loose. And then I found out Wild Cat Diva did almost the same thing. I called mine a Not-a-nautilus or just Not-ilus (or knot-ilus on bad hair days). WCD called hers a Puffed Nautilus. So we settled on Puffed Not-ilus. And yesterday, after years of humming and hawing and
    promising, we BOTH pulled our fingers out and DID it. We made videos!And here they are, the Puffed Not-ilusRight handed
    And Left handed
    It's a simple bun that can look very complex. I've had people ask if I'd been to the hairdresser that morning to get my hair "done". Those times, mind you, I did with a mirror, and without the wind."
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