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Thread: self made hairtoys thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lunnafindel View Post
    But seriously... how did you cut them out, with a jigsaw? And what shape/type of wood did you use, was it the right depth to begin with, or did you have to plane it down? They're so beautiful, I really love the organic shapes.
    I started with a 1/4 inch thick plank of Poplar craft board purchased from Lowes. These do not require use of a plane, [but I do use a band sander to take off all edges and some thickness around the tines].
    then I drew them freehand. I did cut with a band saw. But I wish I had purchased a jig saw instead. I will make more and color them my usual colors to match my clothes including blues and turquois. I have discovered that The forks with wider tops than tines hold incredibly well. So I am making more of those. Will post at a later date.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TatsuOni View Post
    Thank you! I used "regular steel wire".

    Edit: How weird. I can't see your picture in your post, but in my response It's beautiful anyway!
    Thank you and regarding the picture, well that is weird... Code gnomes I guess

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