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Thread: Hairfinity or Biotin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wusel View Post
    In Germany you won't get a good multivitamin under 25 Euros per month... And MSM is very expensive here... One month supply is around 20 Euros too... For my last vitamin D which I had bad deficiency of and my doc recommended me to take I payed 56 Euros for 2 month supply... So, when I found HF I was quite happy... It has everything and makes my hair grow pretty and healthy, so... Here in Germany where the supplement regulations are very strict good multivitamins are very expensive. Of course, you can get very cheap ones in the drugstore but they aren't as good and potent as those from the pharmacy and doctors recommend to take those from the pharmacy... All my friends who take supplements pay so much for it. It's normal here. We have different prices and are used to pay more for supps and health, I think...
    I've been taking a multivit. from the drugstore (at 2 euro for a 20 day supply) for *years* and my bloodwork is always spot on. Sorry but saying that a cheap drugstore multivit. is less than a pharmacy one is crock. They check these things or they can't go on the market.

    And who says HF is actually *better* than that. I mean.
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    I agree with Lapushka, i standard multicitamin should have you covered with a normal dose of essential. i feel like putting ten times the amount in a pill is just more than the body can utilize anyways. As long as you are not deficient in something like iron, i dont think theres any chance for vitamin supplement to affect hair growth a great deal.
    The easiest thing you can do to promote overall health that shows in hairs as well is really as simple as upping your intake of fresh fruit, veggies, some healthy oils and proteins. Maybe try scalp massages with essential oils also to relieve some of the stress.

    The only two things i religiously take are acetylcystein and extra vitamin c for my skin, but thats it.

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    I started taking biotin in the beginning February 2015, and I'm still taking them, but unfortunately I have not seen any difference in my hair growth yet.. I'm taking 5000 mcg daily.. I have not experienced any side effects though.

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