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Thread: The much-recommended SMT (Snowymoon's Moisture Treatment)

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    Default Re: The much-recommended SMT (Snowymoon's Moisture Treatment)

    Quote Originally Posted by CosmoCat View Post
    Does it matter if it’s an aloe vera gel or oil? I’m having a hard time finding pure aloe in the stores, but I’m going to buy online and see both options. Thank you.

    Edit: I have since read that truly pure aloe doesn’t exist...outside of from the plant. Although, I still wonder about gel vs oil. Most of what I find is gel, but I see an option of “oil”.....either okay?

    I have always used Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel. Not sure if you're in the USA or not, but it's readily available at Walmart and various drugstores, plus online. The number one ingredient is aloe vera gel, and it doesn't have added colors or lidocaine or other weird ingredients in it -- just aloe and preservatives.

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    Default Re: The much-recommended SMT (Snowymoon's Moisture Treatment)

    I wanted to try the SMT too, but I used it with a slight modification since I'm sick as a dog and didn't want to sit with a drippy treatment on my head. So I made it into a co-wash.

    Mixed honey and aloe with some water in a bottle, then added my usual co-wash condish. After a few shakes it turned into an ugly lumpy mess. So I added some more water and shook the living daylights out of the bottle which resulted in the perfect creamy mix. Put it on my head, scrubbed, then let it sit under a shower cap while I did other showerly things. Scrubbed some more, combed it through, washed everything out.

    Well, the jury is still out on this one. My hair is definitely curlier but moisture and shine? Not so much. Let's see how it looks tomorrow. I won't give up though, there are multiple ways to try this: amount and number of ingredients, co-wash or treatment, etc.

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    Default Re: The much-recommended SMT (Snowymoon's Moisture Treatment)

    Just be wise that some of the "pure aloe vera gel" products listed/suggested in the original post --- from 2008 --- have by now been adulterated/changed/ found to not be as pure as represented by product manufacturer/s. For example, the big-bargain Fruit of the Earth aloe vera gel was found to not contain aloe vera.
    From the original post, 2008:

    Snowymoon's Original Post

    Snowy's Deep Moisture Treatment

    I have used my own moisture treatment twice with GREAT results. Hair is still wet, but very happy!!!

    Snowy's Fave Moisture Treatment
    1 part Fave conditioner (must be moisture), mine is VO5-Sun Kissed Raspberry.
    1/4 part honey
    1/4 part clear aloe vera gel (I use Fruit of the Earth).

    Place in a cup and warm in microwave for 10 to 15 seconds--just until warm. Wash hair and squeeze out excess, blot dry, leave in under heat cap, warm towels or shower cap, what have you, for an hour or so. Rinse well. Finish (add leave-in if you do so) and style as usual Wah-la!!! Extreme Moistness. This is great after protein treatments!!! WOOT!!!"

    "Independently, said it had Fruit of the Earth brand Aloe Vera 100% Gel tested using nuclear magnetic resonance and found no evidence of aloe, while a competing brand, Aubrey Organics, did contain the markers that indicate aloe. ConsumerLab said it tested a dozen aloe products, including pills and juices, and just half the items appeared to meet the claims on their labels."
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