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Thread: Best detangler that you've tried?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Priska View Post
    I found this corn starch trick from here the first time and it really is miraculous... when nothing else works, cornstarch works. (I don't know if it would work with me with dry tangles, but at least it works well with me if i have tried oil treatment first but it has somehow failed.) (This was probably because of hennaing just a couple of days before this oiling, henna sometimes makes the hair dry first.) But with cornstarch it doesn't take very long that i can brush my hair like i want all through. My hair is getting so long that with my hair type it means problems with tangles... Especially because i have an old permanent there somewhere under.

    Ok, this stuff works just as great with dry hair. Which is great, because this is much faster way to open the tangles than oil.

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