Vitamin C drink powder. Once every 2 weeks, just about, I give myself a vitamin c hair masque to gently lighten my hennaed hair. I was using a conditioner that deposits henna on top of my already dark red henna hair. So it was nearly dark brownish red. The vitamin c treatments have slowly and gently lifted the excess henna. It's getting to the copper color I would like it to be. A few more treatments.

The best thing for lightening henna is to mix Celestial Seasonings Vitamin C tea with yogurt to make a henna consistency, and put that in your hair, the way you would with henna.

I DO NOT mix it with dandruff conditioner, the way that some do. I have very fine, super curly hair that is growing back after cancer, I don't want to damage it at all. So just a slow process of vitamin c with yogurt and a little lemon juice is all I am using. I rinse it out with conditioner or with vinegar.

Gentle and slow, just the way I like things.