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Thread: Flexi8 in XL for sale (or trade)

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    Default Flexi8 in XL for sale (or trade)

    Since I recently cut back to midback my XL flexis are way too large now and are looking for a new home.

    The two on the right are sold

    All of them are in good condition, but have been worn a lot.

    I'd like to ask $14 each plus shipping. Please be aware that I am living in Germany. I will ship worldwide, but shipping cost may vary a lot - shipping to the US looks like to be about $10.
    If you take two or more, I'll reduce shipping to half price for you!

    However I'm also willing to trade: Looking for flexi8 in size L or acrylic sticks in about 14cm length. I don't like red beads, but other than that, show me what you have and we'll see if we come to an agreement! Please PM me for offers and questions.
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