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    Default Wavy/curly hair with frizzy parts...

    So as the subject says it all, the frizzy area is quite large, it starts from the root (most of my backhead) and I am not sure if it's "frizz" or just my natural hair! (With time, I am discovering that it's just my natural hair and I am trying my best to "change" it, that's why it's not changing). More "healthier" areas of my hair are pretty curly (3b I think) and easy to comb while wet in the shower. I never did any coloring, I never used any heating devices (maybe 3 times in the past 3 years when I started to grow my hair long; I am a guy), I only did 2 chemical straightnenings in the first year and once in the 2nd year and I stopped! I tried addressing my issue many time but no success, I used many products from shampoos to conditioners to masks to coconut oil now and I even followed the curly-girl method but with no success!

    Now the thing is, during the curly-girl method, my hair "felt" better but I can't survive without a shampoo as my hair oils immediately.

    My worst nightmare? In the morning, I wake up, wet my hair and put it in a ponytail for work, now after 12 hours when I want to remove the pony tail, my hair feels and looks extremely bad, the frizzy area is way frizzy, really don't know what words to use to describe it!

    Any helpful tips? Please don't mention general tips for curly hair like no brushing, only wet-combing with conditioner, etc... I read alot :P! Deep conditioning products I can't seem to find lol and it's not possible to do anything at home! I am afraid that it's worsening with time and length.

    EDIT: I've been wetting (just plain water) my hair everyday (for the past 1 year and a half), usually when I wake up (just to refresh my ends from sleeping), may this be contributing to the above issue? Thanks!
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