I've sifted through threads and such to find more male photos, (for support reasons and comparisons) and there is not a lot of images for us guys. C'mon guys.. don't be too damn shy or phobic to show these ladies your hair! LHC is obviously about diversity, compassion for the Mane, and most of all supportive!

I wake up everyday in this world of ours looking in the mirror wondering why we were made in such ways only for us to change it over and over and let the media and society deem whats worthy to be "popular" or even label how the human should look. I'm very biased against these actions against our society but somewhere... somehow there are individuals who rise above or even lurk around with their true given look as we were intended.

I'm proud of my passion to grow my hair out and I want to see more like myself on here. So GET TO IT MEN.. lets show'em that the guys can do it!