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Thread: What length is your forehead/hairline?

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    Default Re: What length is your forehead/hairline?

    Quote Originally Posted by WednesdayAddams View Post
    I haven't measured but they're about an inch and a half and I always have them no matter how long the rest of my hair is. I like them, I think they're cute.
    Love the username you chose! Mine measures about 2" from the top of my brows. I wonder if we should measure from the top of the bridge of our noses
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    Default Re: What length is your forehead/hairline?

    Quote Originally Posted by rowie View Post
    OMG I'd suggest you don't. My sister kept tying all of her hair back for many years (sleeked and pulled back tight for buns and braids), and when she reached ankle length she ended up with a really big forehead. I don't think she has recovered from this. I have to agree with some people in here to switch the position of your protective styles to alleviate stress points.
    I second this - it's always better to start with a small forehead as over time, from nutrient deficiencies or tight hairstyles, your hairline can recede. I used to dislike my far forward hairline too, but since low iron made it recede and thin at the front, I'm much happier to regain my smaller forehead thank you very much Big forehead is not always from receding hair by the way, but can be. It's also nice to have a little bit of hair showing at the front when your hair is up, which you miss out on if your forehead goes all the way up!
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