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Thread: Red Raj, Jamila or Rajasthani Twilight?

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    Default Re: Red Raj, Jamila or Rajasthani Twilight?

    I've tried all 3 and definitely prefer Red Raj to obtain the REALLY RED RED color I was going for! My natural color is dark blonde and Red Raj has a MUCH faster dye release time than any of the others I've tried too, more convenient, I don't have to leave it on as long, the color is awesome. I'll never use another henna! (unless I'm forced to!)

    This pic shows how my color looks with Red Raj (in sunlight of course)
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    Default Re: Red Raj, Jamila or Rajasthani Twilight?

    Im a long time henna user. ive used jamilia to start, then mixed half and half jamilia/Yemeni. ive used just yemeni and now red raj. i find that with red raj and the proper dye release method, i get almost instant red roots. my hair is naturally brown but has gone mostly grey in the front. its tough to get the greys to look good on one application but red raj looks awesome.
    i just ordered nearly a kilo and did an application last night.
    Long term henna head currently growing out my hair. Currently shoulder length. Goal, bra strap length.

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    Default Re: Red Raj, Jamila or Rajasthani Twilight?

    @ Magalo: thanx for the links. Today Im in quest in searching for the Raj Henna.


    The photos of Kerbear and Cleanbug swept me away. Ladies I love your hair colour! Thank you for your pictures.

    The only thing Im worried about is the roots/lengt issue and matching the colour. When I used henna in the past I had quite a difference in colour between them.
    @ Cleanbug. Do you henna your lenght every time you touch up or do you do henna glosses?

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