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Thread: Thick hair people unite!

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    Red face Thick hair people unite!

    Hi y'allll
    I bought my tangle teezer absolutely ages ago now but thought I would create a thread to see if anybody has hair like mine that the tangle teezer itself can not even take on!
    Whether my hair is wet or dry my tangle teezer STILL does not completely go through all of my hair!
    Sooo, I kind of half detangle some with the teezer (as much as it will go through), then I brush through with my denman brush (yes everyone will hate me I brush my hair when it is wet BUTTTT. I have to as I have curly hair and if I do not brush it when wet and leave it to dry and then try to brush it, I lose alot of hair due to it knotting whilst wet!? Viscious circle here)

    So that is the way I have to brush through my hair when clean and wet....also I decided to switch to a sulfate free shamp and cond and my hair HATED it and I mean hated, my hair felt literally horrible! (I used Organix coconut milk for those who are wondering)
    I don't know whether it was just my hair didn't like that particular one or whether my hair hate the lack of sulfates?! Switched back to a sulfate shampoo and conditioner and my hair is back to its soft and shiny self yay:-)

    lengthy thread guys, MAJOR apologies for thatx

    any posts/messages will be much appreciated!
    love to you

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    Default Re: Long haired folk unite!

    That should say "thick haired people" sorrrry x

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    Default Re: Long haired folk unite!

    Mine won't get all the tangles I use it to massage my scalp when I shampoo.
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    Default Re: Long haired folk unite!

    I have the same problem with Tangle Teezer. It just can't get through my hair, especially at my neck. I also brush it from under my ponytail (which is not easy at this length) but even then it's not completely tangle free. Sometimes I use a wide tooth comb after the TT. I wish they made TT-s with longer teeth to thick haired people.

    I tried sulfate free shampoos from many brands. My hair hates most of them but there are 2 that it just loves. I guess you have to experiment to find the good ones.

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    Default Re: Long haired folk unite!

    There is an older thick-haired folks unite thread around here somewhere....

    Does the link work? Mods, maybe merge the new thread into the old? Saving bandwidth, you know?
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    Default Re: Thick hair people unite!

    Yeah Loreley mine struggles the most at the nape of my neck like yours, I have a fringe aswell though which takes abit of the thickness out of my hair but the teezer STILL unfortunately won't get through it
    One shampoo and conditioner I know my hair loves is L'Oreal Elvive Nutri Gloss in the pink bottles and that probably has all sorts of rubbish in the ingredients but makes my hair like silk so if it does the job I will continue to buy!
    Just ordered my flexi8 from the website also, was just wondering if anybody from the UK has bought one from the website and how long it took to come from America?
    Thank you in advance

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