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I also plan to learn Tauriel's hairstyle for DoS and just because I like all of the elves' hairstyles, they're so simple and elegant Thought I'd post an image I found the other day that really gave me the inspiration to choose Tauriel's hair:

That's LaDollyVita33! She's awesome and her tutorial is really easy to follow.


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Anyone else have any Tolkien inspired hair sticks? I have like 4!
I'm afraid all of my Tolkien-inspired sticks are actually swords, with one exception! I have Orcrist, Sting, Legolas's White Knives and Strider's Elven dagger. The exception is my custom Shadowfax/Rohan hair fork from GTS. I've been hankering after set of NightBlooming's stunning Simbelmyne hair pins along with the matching hair stick. So gorgeous! I will eventually get them.