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Thread: Blonde mix before and after (cassia, chamomile, henna)

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    Default Blonde mix before and after (cassia, chamomile, henna)

    Just thought I'd share my results of using cassia to fade the difference between bleached and my natural colour: I'm really pleased!


    After 1 application (90 minutes):

    -Slight color change, slight improvement in thickness, big improvement in shine

    After 2 weeks and a second application (3 hours):

    -deeper colour, big improvement in thickness, hair feels coarser and less shiny

    Both done with a mix of 2 tbsp cassia, 2 tbsp chamomile and 1 tbsp henna, mixed with strong hot coffee and left to steep 20 minutes before application. Applied to towel-dried hair, covered with a shower cap and wrapped in a towel.

    I'm wondering how often I can continue to do this: does anybody have experience of how quickly the henna builds up and starts to look redder? How fast will the cassia fade?

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    Default Re: Blonde mix before and after (cassia, chamomile, henna)

    Wow; cassia really did a great job blending your hair! It's lovely. I didn't know cassia would make such a difference. I'm sorry I don't know anything about how quickly cassia fades, but maybe someone with more experience will chime in. It seems like something you would be able to keep doing, just keeping an eye on the red tones.

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    Default Re: Blonde mix before and after (cassia, chamomile, henna)

    Does anyone have a cassia before and after picture to share?

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