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    Hi everyone,

    I just found this site today and it looks like a great resource. I've had long hair for a very long time and I can't really imagine it ever being short (waist length).

    My only real dilemma is allergies - I'm allergic to most soaps, shampoos and conditioners and all fragrances, which is a bit of a problem when keeping long hair. Most products are simply not an option for me, so I tend to try things with caution...and then give them to my husband when I break out in hives.

    To date, I have 3 products I can successfully use on my hair - which is better than nothing at all.

    Strangely, I have found that getting my hair highlighted periodically helps to control the shampoo allergy issue. Not sure what's going on there, but my hair to my thighs, so I guess it's working in my case.

    Thanks for having this great site available for everyone.

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    Default Re: Hello!

    Wow, I'm envious of your long hair. Most of us here on the forum are encouraging and supporting each other to take proper care of our hair and help it to grow. Looks like you have a lot to contribute with how you got yours so long!! Congrats!!
    About allergies, you will find lots of ideas here about using products that are natural, gentle and non-allergenic. I am allergic to most all drug store variety shampoos and found that using SLS (sulfate free) shampoos diluted with conditioner and water helps with the itchiness. Also, have you tried hypoallergenic poos from the health food store?

    Below are some links that may help.

    You can also search the LHC threads for hypoallergenic hair care.
    Best of luck!!

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