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Thread: Photo of henna allergy on skin

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    Default Photo of henna allergy on skin

    Warning this is kinda graphic so only click it if you can handle it: image

    I wanted to post this since I've seen posts here other times with people wondering if itching after hennaing is the result of a henna allergy, and no one seemed to know if the henna could cause an allergy. There's no info on what kind of henna was used, so it could hypothetically have metal or other additives in it.

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    This underscores the importance of using 100% BAQ Henna! (see people's responses below)
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    Default Re: Photo of henna allergy on skin

    It looks a lot like the "black henna" pictures, where the reaction is from the PDD & metallic salts.

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    Default Re: Photo of henna allergy on skin

    Henna artist here.

    That horrible picture shows a reaction to PPD, paraphenylenediamine, a coal tar dye and known transdermal toxin.

    It is not an allergy; this nasty dye builds up in the system, eventually causing liver and kidney damage as well as bladder cancer. My gynecologist has all kinds of warning posters and information in her practice about people working in the printing industry or as hair stylists needing to get tested for bladder cancer - smoking increases the risk - this is serious stuff.

    Unfortunately unethical 'artists' want a cheap, quick, black 'tattoo' and continue to endanged people's health; real henna does NOT cause this kind of reaction.

    Info about PPD 'black henna' here:

    In my 16 years of drawing on the general public with henna in three major US cities and Europe, I have never seen anyone have an allergy to real henna.

    Real henna only dyes red-brown and is safe for the majority of the population.

    Many hair dyes are mixes of henna and other products such as indigo and are sold as 'black henna.' In my opinion, this is false advertising, and promotes the idea that henna 'comes in different colors' and thus the use of PPD Some more ethical companies, like my fave, Renaissance Henna, explain the mix and are willing to clearly label their products.

    PLEASE do not confuse PPD with natural henna! As the millions of henna artists, henna hair dye users who have and continue to use real henna can attest to, henna is a safe, gentle, plant-based product that dyes hair and skin wonderfully, and has NOTHING to do with this carcinogenic coal tar dye! Pleas inform yourself and your loved ones!
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