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    Originally posted by lora410, 07/24/2009 After a very rough indigo application, where half my head was red; I came up with an extremely easy way to indigo.
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    After my first indigo on wet hair I realizing I missed a lot of spots and had half blackish half red hair. I also had a hard time just getting the indigo into every nook and cranny. After that disaster I thought of an easier, different method.

    It is not as easy to indigo as it is to henna (at least for me). It seems indigo sucked into my hair and made it hard to tell if I got everything, since my hair was dark red with henna to being with. With henna I had no issues because the henna it is lighter in color and sits right on the hair. This time I made sure my hair was dry and clean.

    Since root to tip my hair was already hennaed once, so I went ahead and did straight indigo.

    My hair is waist, ii, and I used 100g of indigo mixed with 1tsp salt; so don’t go by what they say on line unless your hair is thick.. I mixed it with 1.5 cups hot tap water until it was creamy like yogurt.

    Step 1- after dye release put half the indigo into a squeeze bottle and leave half in the bowl

    STEP 2- Make a high ponytail

    STEP 3- Take a small section of hair and leave it hang down; clip the rest to the top of your head

    STEP 4- Fan the section of hair out on your hand and smooth indigo over the whole strand.

    STEP 5- I then take the fanned out hair and smooth my hand over the strand and rub gently a few times to shush the indigo all in there. I then spread my hair back out to be sure there are no dry spots

    Step 6- Repeat this process until whole pony tail is fat and coated

    After that I cut the pony tail out of my hair because there was no way I was going to be able to slide it out.

    Step-7 Now, take the squeeze bottle and squeeze the indigo onto your roots. After that is good massage in well; apply more if you are not sure you got it all.

    Step-8 Squirt the rest of the indigo out onto the top and back of your head (scalp should already be coated) and shush in well. Your whole head should be thick with indigo at this point.

    After that just wrap in saran wrap, a shower cap and wrap your head in a towel for at least 2 hrs and voilà ; the easiest indigo ever https://web.archive.org/web/20111221...lies/smile.gif
    https://web.archive.org/web/20111221...ges/bullet.gif By: lora410, at: 07/24/2009
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