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    https://web.archive.org/web/20111223...fca7911bec.jpg Many people complain that henna dries their hair out, with this henna gloss you can refresh your colour whilst also benefiting from the conditioning ingredients in the gloss. This also contains yogurt as a slight protein addition although you may choose t
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    Originally posted by indigonight, 09/12/2009


    4 parts Henna (preferably BAQ)
    mix that with
    Catnip tea (you may also wish to add cloves, fresh rosemary, green tea)
    1 part Tea Tree Oil (Terp to help develop the color as a deep stain)
    1/4 part Lavender Oil
    1/4 part Rosemary Oil
    1 part Fenugreek (Methi) powder
    1 part Amla
    1 part Yogurt
    1/2 part pure Aloe vera
    2 parts non-cone Conditioner

    Mix up your henna the night before with your pre-brewed cool catnip tea, the Fenugreek and your Tea tree, Lavender and Rosemary oils add all the other ingredients the following day just before you use the gloss. Stir thoroughly. Put it all over your hair concentrate well on your ends. Cover with a shower cap and towel/scarf.
    Leave on for 1-4 hours. Wash out with a herbal shampoo (egg or other) or conditioner. Finish with an ACV rinse.
    Your hair should have a soft red tone to it plus be shiney, soft and conditioned.
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