• Aurantia's Guide to BBB Free Preening

    Preening is perhaps the most essential part of WO; it cleans and moisturizes, protects your fragile ends, and ensures that all of the beneficial oils produced on your scalp are evenly distributed throughout your hair. For true WO to be a success, daily preening is a must.

    My technique takes more time than brushing but I have found that it is well worth the results. Basically, it's Snowy's Massage Technique (SMT) with more attention to distributing oils. (Please read SMT before continuing if you are not already familiar.)

    First, you must start out with tangle-free hair. I no longer use brushes or combs, so my recommendation would of course be fingercombing -- if you must use a comb or brush initially, make sure that you give your hair a once over fingercomb before starting. Luckily, the more sebum you distribute the easier your hair becomes to detangle.

    Following steps 1-3 of SMT, begin with your hair right side up, dividing the canopy into sections: For me, these are 2-3 inches across, and maybe 1/4 inch thick. Using the flat inside of your palms lay your hands on either side of the first section as close to your scalp as possible, then pull toward the ends while pressing your hands against each other. Repeat this process several times on each section; this will help to guide the oils on your roots to the ends of your hair. When the canopy is finished flip your head over and repeat the same process upside down. Once you've finished your entire head in the flip position, quite a bit of your hair will be well coated with sebum.

    At this point, I might go to the mirror and visually search for dry spots while simultaneously fingercombing and feeling for less oiled areas. If I find a section that needs attention, I flip my hair so the roots to that section are exposed and repeat the flat palm slide. By the end of this process, if you've done it correctly, your hair will be liberally but evenly coated and will feel like it has on a luxurious hair product. My experience has been a result with no static and lots of movement.


    For more casual preening, I will often take my hair down while watching a movie or internet surfing. Instead of using both hands, I slide my hair through as I would when fingercombing but start at the roots. I grasp a small section between my middle and forefinger and press the fingers together along their entire length. Because pressing them together side-by-side can be tiring and feel a little unnatural, I sometimes roll my forefinger to the front or back of my middle finger once a section of hair is grasped.

    Now the fingers are pulled slowly toward the ends with a slight adaptation: pulling straight out or down can cause tangles in even freshly brushed hair. So as you pull your hand slowly toward the ends of your section, gently rock your hand back and forth (roll pinkie to forefinger). This will help to detangle any snares that pop up. And remember to keep your fingers pressed together!

    This technique doesn't replace the need for daily intensive preening, but it will benefit your hair and make the process easier all around.

    I hope this technique helps you along your WO journey. If you have any questions, need anything clarified, or have a helpful tip please PM me!
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