• Snowy's Hair Massage Technique

    Not sure where to put this, but I thought I should share just what exactly I have been doing.

    Since doing this, I have gained 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch growth each month that I have! YAY!!

    Snowy's Super-Grow and End-Conditioning Scalp Massage Technique

    This is simple, really. This works good on curlies and wavies since brushing causes frizz, I find this does not and actually smooths my hair down. Do this 1 to 2 times a day. The more often, the more it works!!

    1. Hang head upsidedown. Usually I am sitting in a chair when doing this dry or standing in the shower before washing.

    2. Massage scalp only, gently, as if you were shampooing, but do this for longer--about a minute or more--as long as you can stand to do it. I start at my forehead and work my way to the nape. I do this quite vigorously, and I alternate this with just massaging the scalp without disturbing the hair.

    3. Reach into the hair at the scalp with the fingertips, fingers spread wide and gently grab at the scalp pulling fingers in and down the hairs slightly as if to grab the natural oils and spread them over the first 2 inches of scalp hair. I do this quite a bit, about a minute more or as long as you can stand it.

    4. Gently scrub scalp again as in step 2 to collect oils on hands, now rub hands over canopy as if applying conditioner or gel. Sometimes I will run my hands flat over my hair as if applying oil too.

    5. Get more oils from scalp by massaging as in step 2 again needed and carress the oils down the very ends of the hair--repeat as much as wanted until you feel the oils benefitting your length--you will know when to stop. Sometimes I gently finger detangle here as well.

    In the shower, whether scalp washing or not, I do this:

    1. Wash upside-down (can do this right-side up though). First I just let the water cascade over my tresses until it soaks in and reaches the scalp.
    2. Begin massaging scalp as if shampooing, but only using the water--get it good! Do this for at least a minute.
    3. Get scalp oils as above and then run hands to coat first 2 inches or so of scalp hairs.
    4. Get more scalp oils and run hands over canopy and the ends. If hair is uber-soft, I may water detangle--depends on the feel of the hair. If it feels tangly, I don't risk the damage.
    5. Wash scalp with method of choice, again massaging well. If scalp does not feel dirty, the water-only massage is good and just condition the length, if needed. I have eventually (after 6 days) gone completely without conditioner and just a bit of jojoba at the very ends with this method.
    6. Condition length if needed.
    7. Finish as you please.
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    1. KapoorAradhana's Avatar
      KapoorAradhana -
      Hmm, I really believe this going to help and I will give update after getting the result.
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