• Getting All That Hair Under a Wig

    How to to get long thick hair into a wig cap and under a wig without getting visible bumps or headache-inducing pressure spots.

    This is my method of wearing a wig.

    I have a 4" ponytail circumference, and 45.5" of hair. Though I have taper, this would still work if I didn't. I tried braiding hair under the wig before, but that caused headaches as the braid pressed on the scalp too much in spots. This spreads the hair evenly so it doesn't cause pressure spots. This may not be the best method to use if you have very tangle-prone hair.

    Grab hair in a ponytail

    Twist hair VERY loosely, just enough that it temporarily stays together.

    Wrap the hair around the head like a fake crown braid.

    Slip the wig cap on over this, starting at about the crown as it is easier to hold the hair this way.

    Look absolutely silly.

    Stuff anything that sticks up underneath the wig cap. Just pull a corner of the cap up and put the hair in there.

    All done!

    Ta-da! Final product. You can put wig pins around the periphery of the wig for a more secure hold.
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    1. Kittycatcuti's Avatar
      Kittycatcuti -
      Very informative thanks
    1. Tarahh's Avatar
      Tarahh -
      So helpful!
    1. lapushka's Avatar
      lapushka -
      I thought torrinpaige once did a tutorial, if I'm not mistaken, at how to do this... Might have imagined it though... Darn.
    1. KrisW832's Avatar
      KrisW832 -
      First time I tried to tie my hair and put a wig, it was bulging out. This helps thanks
    1. iyi's Avatar
      iyi -
      Wow, thanks!
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