• Coronet bun

    Coronet bun (AKA Mira-chan's avatar hairstyle). A coronet braid style with a bun for hip to classic length hair.

    This style requires enough hair for 1/4 of the hair to wrap around the head when braided. For most people, this starts at about hip length. It's a great style for heavy thick hair as it distributes weight well. It also gives the crown braid effect without actually Dutch braiding it or having hair long enough for a full coronet braid.

    There are two ways to do this. In both, 3/4 of the hair gets braided and then bunned, while the remaining 1/4 is braided then pinned around the head and the ends wrapped around the bun.

    Version 1:

    Put hair in a medium to low ponytail.

    Separate hair into two parts, one 1/4 thickness the other 3/4.

    Braid the sections.

    Bun the thicker braid.

    Wrap the thinner braid around the head and pin it.

    Wrap the end of the braid around the bun and pin the end securely.

    Version 2:

    With this version, you do not need a ponytail first.

    Separate about 1 inch (+/- to desired thickness) thick section of hair from under one ear to the other on the back of the head. English braid the hair above that and bun it.

    With the hair left loose, dutch braid starting from one ear going towards the other until there is no more loose hair and then braid to the ends. Wrap the braid and pin around the head, wrapping ends around bun.

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    1. ArienEllariel's Avatar
      ArienEllariel -
      Very pretty. I did a variation on this with a rope braid instead (and since my hair is too short to wrap all the way around, I spit it into two and did something similar.
    1. Conflizzled's Avatar
      Conflizzled -
      This is beautiful!
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