• Non-Exhaustive Guide to Relaxed Hair (Part 3)

    15. Benign Neglect

    Simply leaving your hair alone.

    One of the best tips for growing your hair long, and not just relaxed hair, but any hair type.

    While you you aren’t completely neglecting washing, or detangling, or your scalp, you are “ignoring” your hair just enough to cut down on mechanical stress, and giving your mind a break from always wondering how long your hair has grown.

    You can give yourself some time to enjoy other things or get your mind off of your hair (A bit of a vacation )

    Also a good technique if you find that you can’t seem to keep your hands out of head.

    16. Pre-pooing

    This is great to protect your length and ends while washing, specifically if you are using shampoo. This can be interchanged for CWC, or co-washing.

    If your scalp is a bit sensitive, opt to only pre-poo the length and ends.

    Be be careful to not use too much or use too heavy of an oil, as it may not all come out during the wash, and make your conditioning or deep condition feel ineffective.

    17. Trimming

    Most people think it’s mandatory to trim.

    While it isn’t mandatory, if you feel you would like to get rid of any split ends, or single strand knots that form, do so.

    always use a sharp pair of scissors, ones designated to only trimming hair.

    If you don’t have many splits, opt for S&D (search and destroy http://forums.longhaircommunity.com/...d.php?t=128399)

    If you enjoy a blunt hemline, trimming will keep your hemline nice and even.

    However, if you don’t mind natural fairytale ends, or a “V”, or natural “U” hemline, and you find that you don’t have many splits, you do not have to trim your hair that often.

    Many women men never see much growth process because they have been told to always trim their ends, even when I trim is not due. A blunt hemline does not mean healthy ends, and fairy tale ends, or a deep “v” hemline do not mean unhealthy ends.

    Extra Info

    • For regular washing try to opt for sulfate free shampoo, and mineral oil free, water based conditioners.
    • If you co-wash more frequently opt for having a moisturizing co-wash, and one that is slightly cleansing as to not cause buildup.
    • For fine haired relaxed ladies, be sure to find a good combo of products that do not weight the hair down. Weighed down hair can also be a sign of product buildup. If you find that your hair acquires product buildup quickly, opt for lighter conditioners, homemade natural conditioners and herbs, or mild shampoos that can remove some of the buildup. Here is also a bit of info on further caring for fine hair: http://forums.longhaircommunity.com/showthread.php?t=83360
    • Do your best to keep dryness away
    • If you are experiencing massive amounts of tangles reference here for a guide on how to gently remove them: http://forums.longhaircommunity.com/archive/index.php/t-44653.html
    • For trips to the beach and dealing with salt water or chlorine if you’re in the pool, be sure to condition afterwards. While it’s okay to shampoo, be sure to focus on getting the scalp clean, and focusing on removing and salt deposits and pool chemicals, followed by a good deep condition. Do not try to detangle your hair after getting out the water or after shampoo. Apply something with slip and then proceed to detangle. Trying opting for a swim cap if you’d like to avoid this as much as possible.
    • If you use oils try not to be too heavy handed. Coconut oil is great as it actually penetrates the strands, but other oils such as grapeseed, olive, butters, Shea butter, castor oil, etc. are particularly heavy and tend to only coat the hair. Too much can lead to product buildup and can prevent any moisture from getting into the hair.
    • If your comb has seams that are tearing hair, try sanding it down until it is smooth enough
    • spritz your brush or comb with a bit of oil, for a light application if you are sealing.
    • opt for satin scrunchies when tying your hair up
    • Hair sticks and forks are great for holding your hair in place for buns, but be sure your hair is detangled, because the sticks or forks can snag and cause breakage if tangles are present.
    • If you have forgotten to tie your hair up one night, upon waking moisturize your hair throughout, and seal if you need to. Be sure to get moisture in your hair if you feel it is dry. Upon application, be gentle if the hair is dry, because dry hair is also prone to breaking.
    • If you have longer hair, towards hip or classic be sure to be extra gentle and mitigate tangles as much as possible.
    • When taking down braids, twists, or buns, slightly oil the fingers or put a small amount of serum on the fingers to help the hair glide past.
    • Keep your length and ends away from straps, handles, hooks, buttons, and zippers

    Tips on oils:


    Esty.com (amazing hand crafted products and hair accessories

    Scalp issues/Health:

    Braids and buns:


    Other hairstyles:


    This is list is definitely not exhaustive (Yet lol :eyebrows ) and there will be more things added as I go, to cover more information.

    Hopefully you found a good starting point, and helpful tips to growing long and beautiful relaxed hair.

    If you wish to come and hang it with other relaxed ladies then come on over!:http://forums.longhaircommunity.com/showthread.php?t=145384

    Happy hair growing! :
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