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    With titles I'm definitely not creative (If I can think of a better name later I'll change it) , but I was fortunate to have a braided style accompanied by step-by-step photos.

    I think the mannequin I used is somewhere around 24"-30", 1a/C/iii. Most things can be modified to suit other measurements and types. No worries there!

    First, the end result:


    Then the step-by-step photo:

    (The reduction in quality brought to you by evening indoor lightning and a phone camera!)


    But let's go over them, too!

    Sectioning and braiding:

    Step 1) Divide the hair in half with the upper half sectioned from ear-to-ear up over the crown.

    Step 2) Take the bottom section and make a standard 3-strand braid up close to the part at the crown.

    Step 3) Divide the top section of hair into three parts.

    Step 4) The left and right sections will be 3-strand french braided, while the middle section will be dutch braided.

    (Note: Dutch braids, inherently snugger, provide great bases for braided updos.)


    Step 1) Using the bottom regular braid, create a loop over the center dutch braid above it, pinning at the top to anchor the top of the loop, and then tucking the ends in. The top dutch braid will go through the loop like thread through a needle.

    Step 2) Take the two outside french braids and pull them under and through the center loop, wrapping back outward toward their respective sides. They can continue wrapping out along the the outside and back under the bottom portion of the middle loop. Tuck in and pin the ends.

    Step 3) With the top center dutch braid still hanging around doing nothing, thread it underneath the bottom area where you wrapped the french braids prior to tucking in their ends. It gives it a better placement/anchor point for the next and last step.

    Step 4) By now that dutch braid is still looking like a little tail, so let's make it a finishing touch. Take the end and pull it up and over the braided arrangement, tucking the ends in underneath the top of the center loop.

    You're all done!
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    1. Sagi1982's Avatar
      Sagi1982 -
    1. lapushka's Avatar
      lapushka -
      Such pretty styles, Gumball!
    1. ravenreed's Avatar
      ravenreed -
      Lovely work!
    1. hennalonghair's Avatar
      hennalonghair -
      Hey Gumball
      I never even noticed this section before.
      Great job on the braid instructions and the new upgrades
    1. brickworld13's Avatar
      brickworld13 -
      The way you've pinned them down, it looks like a heart with a band between the halves. Now, what to name it.

      ETA: I've got it. Gumball's Braided Banded Heart.
    1. Suguru's Avatar
      Suguru -
      Such great, clear instructions! If I still had my long hair I would give it a go on myself! As it is I will have to wait till this weekend and try it on my little sister
    1. Aleexzandra's Avatar
      Aleexzandra -
      Thank you for the instruction!
      Could you please explain how to make this style?

      The problem is that when I do a knot myself it falls apart. The only way to stop it from messing up is to tighten it with pins and barrettes.
      And finally the result I get is too far from what I wanted.
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