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    Resurrecting old articles 05/03/2009

    This is a fairly easy bun, it really looks more complicated than it actually is.
    Itīs related to the cameo-bun, so if you like you can also use different braids in one bun or switch around the braiding technique.



    - Gather some hair from the top of your head and braid it. The base of the braid should be located at the highest point of your head. This bun becomes big quickly and starting at a high point helps with making it look more centered.
    - Put the braid into a bun and secure it with small u-shaped pins. Make sure the braid is pinned down as flat as possible, so the rounds will spread out nicely. Remember in which direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) you pinned it and donīt forget to tuck the braid tassel under the bun so it doesn't stick out.
    - Grab a new section of hair to make a second braid with it. The base of the braid should be right under the edge of the first bun. That way you'll have a good position of the braidbase to minimize the gap between the first braided bun and the next circles created with the second braid. Some tutorials start out with finishing all braids first, before starting to bun them. This works too of course, but it needs some practice to know where to position the braid base to avoid a gab between the rounds.
    - Pin the second braid around the first bun, but switch directions. If you made the inner bun clockwise the next braid should be pinned counterclockwise and vice versa. It makes the finished updo look much more balanced especially if you have a lot of taper. Otherwise you could get a thick and a thin looking side and the bun is not as balanced and comfortable.
    - Repeat steps until you run out of hair and remember to switch directions with every new braid you pin around the bun. I tend to only do three braids, otherwise they get too thin near the tassel, but depending on length, taper and how thick you prefer the braids to be, their number can vary of course.

    This one was started too low and you can see how it was kind of difficult to pin the last loop at the nape.
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      Does this mean that the articles section is working?
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      Yep! It sure is! I got the access I needed and finished things up.
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      If this article has pictures they are no longer visible.
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      That's too bad. I did this style on Sunday but didn't get very good pictures and none of me actually making it. If I do it again soon, I'll try to take pics to contribute.
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