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    Article by Madora
    Taken from Web Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20120527...&articleid=230

    A wide tooth comb is the gentlest type of comb to use for detangling. You want to be sure, however, that all its seams are smooth so the hair will not catch on them.

    Some people prefer horn or bone combs, some (like myself) find a shower comb works well.

    Here's how to gently detangle your hair when it has dried:

    1. Bend at the waist and bring all hair in front of you, like a curtain

    2. Use your fingers to finger comb through the strands of hair first. I start from the crown and work down. Others start at the bottom and work up. Go slowly!

    3. After all finger combing has been done then it is time to use the wide tooth comb

    4. Take a SMALL, thin section of hair, and starting at the bottom, gently comb out the hair. Move the comb up the strands and gently comb out again. Continue in this way until you reach the scalp.

    5. If you find a snarl, take it apart with your fingers, not the comb. You'll find that the snarl is easier to pick apart if you hold it horizontally and work on it, rather than trying to unsnarl it in a vertical position

    6. Continue to detangle your hair as described until all hair has been detangled

    7. Still bent at the waist, part your hair from nape to forehead, so that you have two sections of hair

    8. Hold a section in each hand and stand erect

    9. Take the hair in one hand and gently place it over your shoulder and let it drop down your back.

    10. Repeat with the hair in the other hand

    Never toss/fling/throw your hair over your head as that can lead to more tangling!

    11. Check once more for snarls, then style as desired.

    The more control you have over your strands when detangling, the easier the process. Using thin, small sections is much gentler on your hair than going thru wider or thicker portions.

    Above all, be patient and don't have a death grip on your comb! Hold it securely but gently! Your hair will thank you!
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    1. Komao's Avatar
      Komao -
      Always great advice. I use to toss/fling/throw my hair over my head and wondered why I had so many tangles! Thanks Madora.
    1. Groovy Granny's Avatar
      Groovy Granny -
      I was looking up this very info on the web this afternoon and voila......you posted it HERE lol

      Mea Culpa; I tend to 'flip' my hair after I use a BBB for my pre-shower shed removal...and I get a few tangles

      Best info I've found ~ thank you!
    1. Kae612's Avatar
      Kae612 -
      Great to know for a newbie!
    1. lapushka's Avatar
      lapushka -
      Yiiikes, I get "page not found".
    1. Johannah's Avatar
      Johannah -
      Quote Originally Posted by lapushka View Post
      Yiiikes, I get "page not found".
      Same here. But this thread is kinda old as well.
    1. Kat-Rinnč Naido's Avatar
      Kat-Rinnč Naido -
      Quote Originally Posted by lapushka View Post
      Yiiikes, I get "page not found".
      Same on my side
    1. lapushka's Avatar
      lapushka -
      Yeah, but apparently the newbie still got it. So... odd.
    1. Arctic's Avatar
      Arctic -

      Go to the article section, it's there.
    1. lapushka's Avatar
      lapushka -
      Got it! Thanks so much Arctic!
    1. Kat-Rinnč Naido's Avatar
      Kat-Rinnč Naido -
      Thank you Artic
    1. judy12345's Avatar
      judy12345 -
      Good advice. Wide tooth wooden combs or bamboo combs work well too.
    1. lapushka's Avatar
      lapushka -
      Quote Originally Posted by judy12345 View Post
      Good advice. Wide tooth wooden combs or bamboo combs work well too.
      Welcome to the forum. I see you've been here a while.
    1. Hairkay's Avatar
      Hairkay -
      That's not how I detangle my hair. I don't ever bend at the waist.
    1. Anshul585's Avatar
      Anshul585 -
      I put a few drops of coconut oil on my damp hair and wait for my hair to dry completely. Then I de tangle it with my fingers and then use a wide tooth comb. It really works for me because I've wavy-curly hair that is sometimes very unmanageable. Coconut oil is my saviour, I use it almost in everything I use.
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