View Full Version : Just a nice little hair tidbit!

Nicole Marie
March 16th, 2008, 11:10 AM
So I thought I'd just share with all you other long-haired ladies (and gentlemen!) a moment from a couple days ago. I was walking across campus, and ahead of me was a girl walking with GORGEOUS beyond-waist-length brown hair. As I was admiring it, a couple guys coming the opposite direction passed by her, glanced at her hair, and one of them did a FULL turnaround (as in walking backwards!) to look at it. It made me giggle but imagine having hair that causes complete strangers to not just glance, but stop and stare! Long hair, when it's well-maintained just stands out so much in a crowd. :D I can't wait till mine gets that long!!

March 16th, 2008, 11:25 AM
me too, though they would be disappointed if i turned round!!!

March 16th, 2008, 11:31 AM
I can't wait either. :D

March 16th, 2008, 11:32 AM
That would be really nice to experience...

March 16th, 2008, 11:51 AM
It sounds like the best hair dream ever:magic:.

March 16th, 2008, 02:51 PM
one day we'll all get there!!! :rockerdud

Neon Gloss
March 16th, 2008, 03:27 PM
Ah... That sounds AMAZING. I doubt that I'd wear my hair down a lot in public, though.

March 16th, 2008, 04:09 PM
I love to wear my hair down and cant wait to have that kind of EFFECT on people if possible!!

March 16th, 2008, 04:24 PM
How awesome! I love it! :-)

March 16th, 2008, 06:55 PM
That is my goal! I can't wait! I am starting law school in the fall so it will be a new chance to meet people with my long hair (I feel like it is growing so slowly and will never get there though! Does anyone else feel like they make goals and so you are like ok by Xmonth I'll be at X inches, but then I'm not there yet! I should have been at waist by now!! argh!)

March 16th, 2008, 10:44 PM
I'd loved to have seen that! I bet the girl would have too. :D
Cool story, thanks for sharing.

March 16th, 2008, 10:50 PM
I would have giggled too. I hope when mine gets that long again, that it will look as glamorous as that. lol

March 17th, 2008, 05:28 AM
That is awesome. What a nice goal! How nice to be noticed for something NATURAL, know what i mean? Yay!
I don't wear mine down much but at last it's at a length (truly waist) that when I do people comment.

March 17th, 2008, 07:21 AM
That got me thinking, as he turned around when he was behind her, how many of us this has already happened to, but we just didn't notice!!!!

March 17th, 2008, 07:28 AM
tiny_teesha, exactly! I wonder too?

March 17th, 2008, 07:34 AM
It made me giggle but imagine having hair that causes complete strangers to not just glance, but stop and stare!

Seeing other long hairs has this effect on me. Waist-length or longer and I almost can't help myself. I have to try hard to resist it because I don't want to make the other longhair uncomfortable by inadvertently becoming that "weird person that is staring at them".

Nicole Marie
March 18th, 2008, 09:01 PM
hahah i know exactly what you mean Les ... the weird person staring lol sometimes I have to stop myself too, but I'm suuure that deep down they'd at least find it flattering ;)

March 18th, 2008, 09:12 PM
Right on, sister! I've seen the same reactions for people here with long, beautiful hair, and can't wait for mine to get like that either...I'm right there with you. :)

March 19th, 2008, 06:15 AM
I may have caused that reaction a few times, usually when I am in the store and people walk by, then they walk by another two or three times or just stop in their tracks with their mouth open:agape:. It does get a little weird sometimes though. I have a had a couple people take pictures of me without asking or even talking to me but most people are really nice. I hope everyone here can enjoy stopping people in their tracks someday!