View Full Version : Any bang growers, on board?

July 16th, 2012, 09:05 PM
Mine officially just reached the tip of my nose, woohoo! :happydance:

Where are yours?

July 16th, 2012, 09:17 PM
My shorter pieces are just short of the bottom of the chin.

July 16th, 2012, 09:29 PM
Crap that's awesome!!! :D

July 16th, 2012, 09:31 PM
Mine are at the top of my cheekbone, meaning it nicely covers my eyes and sits properly :) It's no longer at that awkward stage.

July 16th, 2012, 09:40 PM
I just cut them, after I decided I'd try V bangs. They didn't look good.
So they're like 1/2 in away from my eyebrows :(

July 16th, 2012, 09:48 PM
mine reach my lower lip :cheese:

July 16th, 2012, 09:52 PM
Mine are finally past my cheekbones and almost touching my top lip! I need them to grow faster!!!:steam

July 16th, 2012, 09:55 PM
Mine are almost shoulder

July 16th, 2012, 10:01 PM
Ugh. Mine are just below my eyes. Grow faster, damn bangs! :mad:

July 16th, 2012, 10:49 PM
Just touching my top lip.

July 16th, 2012, 11:10 PM
Mine are just under my eyes and skimming the top of my cheek bones...I wish they would grow faster. :(

July 16th, 2012, 11:10 PM
Mine were at the top of my eyebrows in late february and are now at the tip of my nose!

July 16th, 2012, 11:20 PM
Originally I was growing out a huge chunk of my hair which I had cut into side bangs (I accidentally took way too much hair). Those reached CBL but I had to cut back to shoulder due to damage. I'm also growing out a smaller section of bangs in the very front which I cut right before I joined LHC because I thought they would make the rest of my hair look longer even though I really don't want bangs :(. I have an even shorter piece in the very front that I cut a few weeks ago out of desperation before an event because the other bangs looked so awkward growing out. So now I have 3 layers of unwanted bangs...and they won't be touched!

July 16th, 2012, 11:21 PM
Mine are about a 1/4 inch past the tip of my nose. Been growing since mid April.

July 17th, 2012, 01:34 AM
I think they're 2-3 inches below chin.
Still having trouble making them stay tucked behind my ears if I have it parted in the middle. :o

July 17th, 2012, 01:45 AM
Mine are at like the bottom of my eyes. GROW FASTER! hahaha.

July 17th, 2012, 02:18 AM
Mine are at my lower lip. But they won't stay behind my ears just yet because of my slippery slippery hair :(

And I have lots of breakage at my left eye (my parting is to the right) because the hairs get stuck in my glasses.

July 17th, 2012, 02:24 AM
I'm at shoulder length when it comes to my bangs. I trimmed them because the ends were dry and if I didn't trim, I'd be at APL probably ;) I can't wait. SL is too short for them to sit back in updos.

July 17th, 2012, 02:37 AM
Mine are a bit longer than CL and I'm soooo happy about it. I'm not a bang person and the longer they get the better they suit my face. Never cutting bangs again! EVer!

July 17th, 2012, 03:46 AM
Just long enough to go behind my ears. I'm stuck in the 'circle of bangs'... I cut them, grow em out, cut em....

July 17th, 2012, 04:24 AM
Mine are about half an inch below my chin. Long enough to tuck behind the ears, but not long enough to stay there! Rawr!!!

July 17th, 2012, 04:39 AM
Yes, me! I'm growing out my bangs for the first time in my life, lol!

Anyway, they're now reaching the top of my nose, if I pull it. Otherwise it's somewhere beneath the eyes..

July 17th, 2012, 04:41 AM
Just reaching my shoulders now. can't wait to see how it looks when they're fully grown out :)

July 17th, 2012, 05:08 AM
They just cover my eyes but I can't tuck them behind my ears.

July 17th, 2012, 05:10 AM
I have a cowlick though.. and waves when my hair is shorter. Long story short: my bangs look ridiculous!!


like this XD I braid/pin them 24/7 haha!

July 17th, 2012, 05:20 AM
Mine are 1/2 way between bottom lip & chin, I can't wait for them to be long enough to stay back in updo's - at the moment when I tie my hair back they fall out & forwards & look like I have a jaw length bob.

July 17th, 2012, 05:31 AM
Mine got just past my lower lip, so theyre not officially bangs anymore,in my book..glad About that,im gonna let them grow long,i havent done that since childhood.

July 17th, 2012, 10:41 AM
Mine are just past my nose. It's a terrible stage to be at, too short to go behind ears and too long to leave down. My updo's look pretty in the back with my ficcare, flexi-8 or sticks then I turn around and have a bobby pin stuck right in the front..yuk! Grow bangs, Grow....

July 17th, 2012, 10:52 AM
mine are around chin.

July 17th, 2012, 11:05 AM
Mine are about half an inch below my chin. Long enough to tuck behind the ears, but not long enough to stay there! Rawr!!!

Mine too! Can't wait til they're shoulder length

July 17th, 2012, 11:08 AM
It has been a year since they were cut to my eyebrows. And today a year later they are inch below chin length!!!! Yay!


July 17th, 2012, 11:41 AM
Mine are to the middle of my nose.

July 17th, 2012, 11:57 AM
Mine are at shoulder length now. :) They mostly fit into and stay in my updos now, but usually still fall out when braiding.

July 17th, 2012, 12:13 PM
Mine were asymetric to start with, and have been poking my eyes for about 6 weeks. I braid or pin them up almost every day. Hopefully, they'll be longer soon!

July 17th, 2012, 12:18 PM
Well the thing is that mine are below my chin and just above my shortest layer (other than my ex-bangs) but I still want it to catch up with the rest of my hair (BSL)

July 17th, 2012, 12:25 PM
Bangs grow sooo fast! It has been years since I had bangs and for some reason that section is always the longest part of my hair!!! I guess it got used to trying to grow fast to catch up with the rest when I used to have bangs!!!

July 17th, 2012, 12:25 PM
I've been growing mine about a year. They are about 1" below my chin..yayy :)

July 17th, 2012, 01:20 PM
Mine are about an inch away from my chin, but are growing much too slow!

July 17th, 2012, 02:26 PM
I'd grown mine to bsl last year and then trimmed some more in to eyebrow length, stopped trimming them last November, mine are just past chin again. I will probably get bored and cut them in again at some point, luckily mine grow back quick!

July 17th, 2012, 02:34 PM
Mine are to my chin now =)

July 17th, 2012, 02:44 PM
Mine are at lip level.
I hope I can resist the urge to cut them again... I really don't think they suit me, but they are so tempting.

July 17th, 2012, 03:14 PM
Mine are at lip level.
I hope I can resist the urge to cut them again... I really don't think they suit me, but they are so tempting.

OMG I do this all the time! I can't tell you how many times I've almost grown them out, only to get fed up and get the cut again... :rolleyes:

July 17th, 2012, 04:05 PM
I am at lip level too. I have had bangs/fringe since 2008 so I am ready for a change. :)

July 17th, 2012, 04:33 PM
mine are a few inches shorter than the rest of my hair now (same for my layers). I'm sad because the longer my hair gets the more I like it and I don't want to cut it :( Although I did gain one inch somehow within the last 2 weeks o.O

July 17th, 2012, 05:43 PM
my bangs are at chin now, i hate them so much... i think im just going to cut them. i've done the 2 week ' think about it' process, although its probably been more like 2 months. we'll see if ill be back to this thread. (meaning i hate them and want to grow them out)

July 17th, 2012, 05:52 PM
Mine are at shoulder. The ends are dry because I was using a curling iron on them for a time. I really want to cut the ends off, but then they will be too short to pull into a ponytail.

July 17th, 2012, 06:15 PM
Mine are chin length and seem to be growing so fast...it seems my hair is going through a growth spurt in general.

July 17th, 2012, 06:21 PM
Mine are touching my top lip, but I don't want to grow them out completely. They were blunt and extremely thick before. I think I'd like them to be very long side swept bangs or maybe just additional face-framing layers.

July 18th, 2012, 08:58 AM
Top of my lip here! I'm in :)

Cafe au Lait
July 18th, 2012, 09:02 AM
Ugh, mine are touching my cheekbone.. Not very far yet.

July 18th, 2012, 09:20 AM
I've been growing mine for about a year, but since I had had them straightened, I have to periodically trim them to get rid of the straightness at the ends. They're finally about an inch past my chin when I stretch them out, otherwise they're up around my ears. At least they stay tucked back now :)

July 22nd, 2012, 10:08 PM
Uh, I just started growing my bangs out again! They are just below eyebrow length and have a loooong way to go. I'm doing the twist-and-bobby pin thing. I cheer myself by thinking about how much better they'll be in 6 months!

August 21st, 2012, 04:14 PM
I am now in the process of growing my bangs out after having them for almost all my life. They are right around bottom of ear length. Its been frustrating to grow them because they don't fit in a regular braid and such so I am always trying to pin them up out if the way. I can handle just about anything but hair in my face, it drives me nuts. I hope they grow out quickly.

August 21st, 2012, 04:32 PM
I have been growing my bangs out since this last February!

My progress so far:
March 4th they were above the tip of my nose.
March 19th almost past the tip of my nose
April 5th touching the top of my lip.
June 13th past my lips.
August 1st down to my chin.
Now they are barely past my chin!

I wish that I hadn't cut them back last year when they were just finally grown out long enough to put in a ponytail and braid in to the rest of my hair. Now I have to wait all over again to get them to that length. I still feel a temptation to cut them back, but I just can't do that anymore, because I really want my hair to be all one length someday soon.

August 21st, 2012, 04:54 PM
My bangs are at random lengths due to breakage... the shortest being barely long enough to tuck behind my ear. Having bangs only worked for me if I was willing to straighten them everyday.

August 21st, 2012, 04:56 PM
I had a side fringe cut in December (sorry, British, can't bring myself to say "bangs"!)
It's currently a couple of centimetres below my chin - still gets in the way and cannot be tied up, I have to pin or clip it.

August 21st, 2012, 05:16 PM
At least they stay tucked back now :)

Yup, that's my mini goal! Lol! :laugh:

August 21st, 2012, 05:36 PM
Finally past my chin. Been growing them for over a year.

Redhead Rebel
August 21st, 2012, 06:07 PM
After just over a year of growing my bangs are at chin when curly and almost collarbone when stretched, My fringe was uneven so one side is slightly longer.

August 21st, 2012, 06:42 PM
Mine are just past shoulder length now, but I think I'm going to cut them back to my eyebrows again before school starts. ;)

August 21st, 2012, 07:31 PM
Mine now seem to be long enough to get comfortably into a hairband while still keeping the hairband behind my glasses.

August 21st, 2012, 07:32 PM
Mine are mid-cheek. Grow faster, dangit lol.

August 21st, 2012, 09:00 PM
Just below my chin. I'm tempted now and then to cut them. I had side bangs cut in on New Years Eve, and loved them. I went in for a trim in late May and she screwed them up. I've hated them ever since. I wear them clipped back, and they're finally staying tucked behind my ear when loose.

August 21st, 2012, 09:03 PM
Almost to my top lip! Grow faster! :justy:

August 21st, 2012, 09:06 PM
Just below my nose when pulled straight. When curly they're just above my eyebrows.

August 21st, 2012, 09:22 PM
My bangs hit the bridge of my nose when pulled down. Too long to wear as straight bangs (which I dislike anyway) but way too short to wear as side bangs. I just want them to be a normal length, in order for me to be ale to wear them down!

August 21st, 2012, 10:03 PM
Mine are about a half cm below my eyebrows. And let me add, they start in the middle of my head. What was I doing?!:justy:

August 21st, 2012, 10:36 PM
I ended up getting to the point that I grew my bangs out. Because they would grow so fast. So, can't really say I have bangs any more. Although I'm still growing them out. They're a lil passed shoulder now.

elbow chic
August 21st, 2012, 10:47 PM
about an inch past my chin now, which I think means they don't qualify as bangs anymore. Might look into having them tidied up and blended in at some point. Or... not. This means spending money, finding a stylist, ugh. lol

August 21st, 2012, 10:52 PM
Ugh yes I cut mine last month they are at my eyeballs, they're horrid.

August 21st, 2012, 10:57 PM
I ended up getting to the point that I grew my bangs out. Because they would grow so fast. So, can't really say I have bangs any more. Although I'm still growing them out. They're a lil passed shoulder now.

Same here!

I forgot to say in my other post that I started growing out my bangs 3 years ago, but cut some of them back last year. What is left of the bangs that I used to have are now almost tailbone length, so I'm surprised they grew that fast in just three years(grew almost 25 inches so far)! Now I really wish I hadn't cut some of them back...I don't like having so many different lengths in my hair! :(

August 21st, 2012, 11:02 PM
I can't ever decide. Sometimes I am growing them out, Sometimes I am chopping them short!

I believe I am seeking a new over all hair style.

I have always liked my shorter layers, and my short bangs and face framing, but right now I feel like I would like alllllll of it to just be longer.
I don't know that I want bangs anymore.

They are side swept and if I pull them straight down the beginning is about the tip of my nose, and the longer end is a half inch past my nosey :]

I am feeling that growing out my bangs will be very beneficial in a longer, fuller appearance at the front of my hair. This short face framing is causing it to look like i have a V shaped outline, and a lot less hair.
After years and years of this hair style ( 8 whole years!) I am finally moving on. With my hair texture and density, it will be impossible to appear longer if I keep doing these things I do.

August 22nd, 2012, 12:36 AM
I'm growing them out too, they almost shoulder right now. But i have a problem, my growing out bangs seems more prone to splits than the rest of my hair, does this happen to anyone else here?

August 22nd, 2012, 02:04 AM
Yay! A place to vent! I feel like I have been growing my bangs forever but I know it's just 3 months and they were quite short to begin with. I can't tuck them behind my ears but I am not far from that. I wish I could fust forget about them but I am not very good at forgetting hair. :p

August 22nd, 2012, 03:20 AM
reaching shoulders:)

August 22nd, 2012, 03:34 AM
I really have no idea what I'm doing with my bangs, I haven't cut them in 2 months and they are just in the middle of my nose.
I'd like to grow them out, but I loveee the look of heavy blunt bangs. Through they are horrible when you roll the window down and they get in your face.
Too long to stay out of your eyes but too short to put them behind your ears. Dx

August 22nd, 2012, 04:01 AM
I'm growing mine out, they reach my upper lip. I still can't put them behind my ears but at least they don't stick out in various directions like when they were tip-of-the-nose-length.
I want to grow them only a few inches past chin, so they would be like face-framing layers.

August 22nd, 2012, 04:20 AM
Mine are at chin length. I really like to wear my hair down but dislike my loose bangs. :(

August 22nd, 2012, 05:49 AM
Mine are about to the end of my nose, but they were assymetrical to start with, so some are longer and some are shorter.

I braid them or twist and pin them back every day. They drive me crazy when they're in my eyes!

August 22nd, 2012, 06:27 AM
Mines at my collarbone. GO GO GO!

August 22nd, 2012, 06:43 AM
Mine are a bit past my chin, but I'm waiting for them to grow long enough to fit into updo's right

August 22nd, 2012, 06:49 AM
Mine are at my chin. I can't wait for these things to stop falling in my face!

August 22nd, 2012, 06:54 AM
Mine are a bit past my chin now, but they swoop back over the rest of my hair. :)

August 22nd, 2012, 12:18 PM
Mine are just below my chin!! :)

August 22nd, 2012, 12:21 PM
Mine are 4 inches below my chin. I don't think I can call them bangs anymore.

August 22nd, 2012, 01:15 PM
Growing my bangs out for the first time since childhood! I had a pixie last year but now they are within an inch of my total length. I guess they aren't bangs now :)

I have a cowlick right up front in that area too, I have to say that growing the bangs out and parting on one side made a huge difference!

August 22nd, 2012, 01:19 PM
Mine are between my chin and shoulders... Can't wait :D

August 22nd, 2012, 01:20 PM

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August 22nd, 2012, 01:28 PM
Mine are in between chin and shoulder! Its so frustrating because the rest of my hair is collarbone length and i cant decide whether to cut the rest of my hair once a month so that eventually everything will be the same length, or not. I have been growing it out for sooo long (shaved it of completely in 2009) and i don´t want to be stuck at collarbone length another couple of months but it would look sooo much better if it was all the same length... Any opinions on what i should do?

August 22nd, 2012, 04:17 PM
I've been growing my fringe for more than a year. It is now a little past my shoulders, and the rest of my hair is classic length.

August 22nd, 2012, 04:56 PM
My bangs are about two and a half inches past my chin. Can't believe they were above my eyebrows less than a year ago!

August 22nd, 2012, 06:17 PM
I'm going to jump on this train! My bangs are a little near chin length, almost long enough to make it in my ponytail. But for now, I pin them back.

August 22nd, 2012, 06:33 PM
Mine are in between chin and shoulder! Its so frustrating because the rest of my hair is collarbone length and i cant decide whether to cut the rest of my hair once a month so that eventually everything will be the same length, or not. I have been growing it out for sooo long (shaved it of completely in 2009) and i donīt want to be stuck at collarbone length another couple of months but it would look sooo much better if it was all the same length... Any opinions on what i should do?

I'd give it another couple of months. By then, it will be an inch longer and maybe more cooperative. Can you pin them up for just a few more weeks?

Bear in mind that I'm growing from a pixie, and looking super-lovely with a goofy mullet right now....:D

August 22nd, 2012, 06:37 PM
mine are past my jaw, but just short enough that they don't stay in updo's. ugh!

August 22nd, 2012, 08:05 PM
Mine were long enough to tuck behind my ear, then I trimmed them. I cut about two inches or so off back in June. Now they're long enough to tuck behind my ear again...just slightly past my mouth. I'm going to let them grow. :D

August 23rd, 2012, 12:20 AM
Thank you so much browneyedsusan! I will try to just ignore them for now, haha!

August 23rd, 2012, 02:08 AM
After two years of growing out (which has felt more like four years, haha), some strands have finally reached APL and other have just hit collarbone length...someday, someday, they'll be even with the rest of my hair :pray:

Good luck everyone!

August 23rd, 2012, 02:17 AM
Mine were at chin when I started, now they are somewhere between SL and APL, I would like them to even out with the rest of my hair...

August 23rd, 2012, 06:43 PM
I have a love - hate relationship with my bangs. I love them the day I cut them and hate them shortly thereafter. It's a never ending cycle. Cut, grow out, cut, grow out.

Lip length at the moment and always in my face

August 23rd, 2012, 07:02 PM
Almost long enough to tuck behind my ear and have them stay!

August 24th, 2012, 07:16 AM
I am growing my bangs out as well. Right now, they have reached the tip of my nose.

I would eventually like a few pieces around the lower part of my cheekbones and few other pieces around my jaw.

August 29th, 2012, 05:39 PM
I wear them parted and I'm growing out side swept bangs so they are either to the bottom of my ears and some are at the tip of my nose

August 29th, 2012, 06:55 PM
I am trying to grow my bangs out to a longish side-swept sorta style with the capacity for, but not the necessity of, an ear-tuck (at least I think this is what I want. I am not even sure what I mean really).

Actually, I started out wanting to keep a "full frontal" fringe while reducing the thickness of my fringe, so about half of my fringe is mid-ear length naturally, not pulled straight, and lying down the side of my head. I like that bit so much that I decided to grow the rest out in kind. So now the other half is to the middle of my nose when I pull it flat, but sort of at my eyebrow with its natural wave and trained a little sideways.

Things are very strange with my hair right now, because I have a wobbly bob just below my chin, growing out from a pixie cut. I am very glad that I have my newly-discovered waves to act as hardcore camo, because despite the lack of a coherent style/cut/pattern, it looks fun. If it were straight, or if I took a brush to it, the chaos would be evident and I would also have a slight and unflattering mullet.

As is, it is kind of wild but good.

Wavies, take note: the side bang is often easier to style and maintain with "cowlicky," bouncy hair than is a full, straight, blunt fringe, in which, unless careful styling is practiced, will be full of bits that sort of bounce up to different lengths and curve off tangentially to the rest of your hair at the ends.

August 29th, 2012, 07:57 PM
Mine are at about center of my lips now.. Growing so slowly.

August 29th, 2012, 08:09 PM
I just recently decided to grow out my bangs. So far, to help ease the pain, I have switched from no real part to a right side part. I ave also started using some diluted aloe gel in them for crazy bangs control, and these guys are only, almost to the end of my nose!

August 30th, 2012, 12:55 PM
My bangs are below my chin and finally long enough to put behind my ears, but they never want to stay there. I have to use bobby pins or braids to keep them out of my face :)

August 30th, 2012, 01:02 PM
I've been growing out pin up style bangs (very chick!) for two years now. They are now below my jaw and I usually pull them back when I my hair down sadly, I also have layers about that length. So envious of ladies with all one length hair!

August 30th, 2012, 01:17 PM
I just noticed that I can almost tuck mine behind my ears. I have been trying to grow them out many times during last four years or so but I always just cut them back before reaching this stage. Soon I don't need clips anymore! I am so fed up with clips!

August 30th, 2012, 07:44 PM
I had a very short pixie cut four months ago. My hair was about two inches all the way around.
My bangs are currently at my eyebrows. I am trying to grow all of my hair all one length (chin) before I proceed to shoulder. I now wear my hair to one side, prepping for when they get longer so it doesn't get in my eyes.

August 30th, 2012, 10:33 PM
I am growing out my bangs after I had them cut at a salon. The hair dresser made them waayy too thick and I decided to change up my style and grow them all out. So far, I have made it to my top lip. Cant wait til I am able to put them in a bun with the rest of my hair. I feel like it looks really silly right now... :/

August 31st, 2012, 02:24 AM
The remnants of mine are about 2 or 3 inches from waist! :happydance:

August 31st, 2012, 02:47 AM
Mine are just long enough to tough my eyes.... It's just great. Haha.

August 31st, 2012, 11:17 AM
Mine are at an acceptable stage beneath my eyebrows, they look good side swept. I will grow them a bit more.

August 31st, 2012, 11:55 AM
I'm keeping part of mine growing out the other part. My part I'm growing out is just past my eyes.

August 31st, 2012, 11:57 AM
Mine are well below my bottom lip, but not yet at my chin. Some of it acctually blends in to the rest of my hair now. Yay!

August 31st, 2012, 12:01 PM
Mine are reaching my belly button! :D

August 31st, 2012, 01:44 PM
At the annoying getting into my eyes phase and still a million miles away from being long enough to go behind my ear stage. Still getting greasy faster than the rest of my hair. Oh, and bushing out horribly at the side of my head because I'm trying to get it to look side swept. Its really hard not to take the scissors to all that bushiness!

I wish it would just get on and GROW!

August 31st, 2012, 01:52 PM
Lower lip for me, aka 'not long enough to tuck behind ears' :(

August 31st, 2012, 04:12 PM
Mine reach the tip of my nose. Argh! Before I decided to cut them again, they had reached a little below my chin! It's a horrible cycle. Cut, grow out, cut....But not this time!

August 31st, 2012, 08:03 PM
I thought you meant bhang growers

Smiley Sunshine
September 8th, 2012, 08:49 AM
They're just touching my bottom lip!


September 8th, 2012, 09:04 AM
I'm going to let mine grow for a while, right now they're at my nose.

September 8th, 2012, 09:10 AM
Mine are around shoulder and don't look like bangs anymore. They also don't look their length because of the curls.

September 12th, 2012, 03:14 PM
Mine are around shoulder and don't look like bangs anymore. They also don't look their length because of the curls.

My hair is rather straight and I feel the same :D My bangs, now at shoulder+ length, stay in updos a whole day, so I don't feel like I have them, even one strand, but when I have my hair down at home they don't blend with the length at all :D

September 12th, 2012, 03:22 PM
Mine are at the tip of my nose. They drive me nuts.

September 12th, 2012, 03:53 PM
I thought for me it was best to keep my bangs pulled back. Like have some hair up including bangs then the rest of your hair down. Or the same with bangs, keep them pulled back and do a ponytail. I hated to see how they grew and I never thought they were making any progress cause I couldn't wear my hair down like I wanted to cause my bangs weren't grown out. It does get annoying, but when they reach just under your chin it gets easier.

I haven't had bangs for 16 years...

September 12th, 2012, 05:08 PM
Mine are just touching my lower eyelid.

September 12th, 2012, 05:14 PM
I've found that I can do a rope crown braid sort of thing with my bangs in them when they're at about lip length. I really like it for getting my hair out of my face.

September 12th, 2012, 05:49 PM
yep, still no change since the last time i reported....lol....can't wait for them to get past my chin...that's when they finally look nice and flatter my face

ETA: yikes I just looked in the mirror and realized they're longer! they touch my jawbone now! woo hoo!!!! a mont or two more and they'll be long enough to blend in with the rest of my hair nicely and not look like bangs!!!!

September 12th, 2012, 05:59 PM
Still growing mine. They are like at my upper lip now. Still drive me nuts. Lol. They will stay in an updo if it's fairly high up. When they dont stay I just hold em back with a little snap clip.

September 12th, 2012, 06:02 PM
I grew my bangs to the bottom of my nose & they blended into my hair really well.

But it turns out I really don't suit not having bangs.. I think my face is too round? :|

So, I cut them & I have bangs again! Eck.

elbow chic
September 12th, 2012, 06:05 PM
grew mine out from mid-forehead to chin length, currently. I'll probably cut them back in after awhile. lol

Been doing that for yeeeears now. Grow, cut, grow. They're quick to grow out, at least.

Just gotta decide what kind of bangs this time.

September 13th, 2012, 05:46 PM
Mine are finally long enough to tuck behind my ears when in a side part. :)

September 13th, 2012, 05:56 PM
Here is a not so good pic of mine lol! I just washed my hair so at least its clean. When really straight they are a little longer than they appear here. I wish i could speed grow them. Haha


September 13th, 2012, 06:13 PM
mine are aaallllmossttt to my chin. i think three more inches and they'll be ok with me

September 13th, 2012, 07:19 PM
Collarbone, nearly APL. Going to take A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG time to catch up.

September 17th, 2012, 06:27 AM
Collarbone, nearly APL. Going to take A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG time to catch up.

Yeah, but I guess that at some point we won't feel the need to catch up so much. One day our bangs will start feeling like another layer, not as long bangs (I'm more or less close to this) and we will be able to stop thinking about is as about bangs :D It will blend nicely into length.

September 17th, 2012, 10:16 AM
Jawline; longer if stretched.

I have curly hair..while bangs suited me, they were TERRIBLE to keep up with. I had no other choice but to straighten them with heat every time. I hardly ever wore them down, normally had them clipped back.

Now I braid them towards the back of my head; so they're clipped, but without hair clips or hair ties. :D

Yesterday I had my hair in a french braid with the braid folded under, and I left my bangs out. They framed my face, and I got a compliment! I can't wait until I can leave my hair down along with my bangs.

September 17th, 2012, 11:24 AM
Mine is just below my mouth but not going behind my ear yet! Getting super tired of all the grips I have to wear cause the fringe hair grows straight to the front- no side swept bangs here!

September 17th, 2012, 12:21 PM
Mine are just below my collar bone.
I get tempted at least once a month to cut them again but the upkeep is hard with wavy hair. I think they do make you look younger and they are cute if you have the right face and straight hair :)
Happy bang lengthening :)

September 17th, 2012, 12:25 PM
Just at/below eye length. I'm going to try getting rid of them, I think I have the right face type to support having no bangs. They were eyebrow length, I just have them back/slightly side parted under a headband all the time and forget their existence.

Redhead Rebel
September 18th, 2012, 05:40 PM
I did hair modelling back in April 2011, they cut half my hair into a weird fringe that was just above my eyebrows when straightened, and the length was only an inch past shoulder length when straightened. (They also dyed, bleached and straightened it to death, but its my fault for volunteering for it):brickwall

I've been looking after my hair really well since joining LHC almost 2 months ago (Start of August it was just APL), it's now almost BSL from the back but it looks barely Collarbone length at the front :( .

Sorry for the rant. . .:)

September 20th, 2012, 08:02 PM
I think I've seen that kind of cut before. That really stinks.
Your hair looks fantastic now. I've dealt with the "long from the back, short from the front" view issue before and I still do. It's obnoxious!
I deal with it by keeping the hair behind the shoulders at all times. But it doesn't bother me too much. Right now my hair is too short for putting everything behind the shoulders and keeping it there but I remember that when it was, that's what I did.
Unless I was sitting in a chair or driving.

September 20th, 2012, 08:39 PM
I put my hair in a ponytail/french braid and I didn't have to clip my bangs!! :D

September 20th, 2012, 08:44 PM
Mine are getting close to chin length. I've always had side bangs and am debating cutting them back in again- I like the look of them but it's a lot of maintenance. I haven't had them grown out for a long time so I sort of want to see what it looks like. I'm indecisive!

September 21st, 2012, 02:58 AM
Mine are halfway between chin and shoulder! Cant wait for them to disappear.

September 21st, 2012, 01:00 PM
I am at the awkward phase just past my eyes :confused: just keep putting hair in a ponytail and sweep them back and apply some gel or hairspray so you cant tell I have bangs at all till they grow out. Thing i notice is it is so much cooler in the warm weather or when excercising without hair on the forehead lol:)

September 21st, 2012, 01:09 PM
Its been about a month since I first posted in this thread. Maybe 2. I changed my mind though. I will be keeping short bangs...However I am trying to grow my face framing longer. I will always have it but I really want to be able to put my face framing into a pony tail if I want to :)
I am actually getting there! The left side goes into a pony tail finally..the right side is a different story though. Growing out undercut there...Its about 7 inches long now...which is shocking because I haven't even been growing it out for a whole year! Woohoo!

September 21st, 2012, 01:23 PM
Mine are at my chin, does anyone know of a way I can keep them out of my face? I tuck them behind my ears but they fall back into my face all during the day. I've tried various barettes but I'm very paranoid about them snagging on my hair and breaking it off.

September 21st, 2012, 01:37 PM
I just chopped my hair from shoulder length to chin. I want it all to be all-one-length including my bangs. I will maintain it above shoulder length until my bangs are gone. This feels a bit radical to me but I am strangely enjoying this shorter cut.

September 21st, 2012, 03:58 PM
Soooo ladies who has tips on styling bangs. They are hitting my jawline about 2 inches below my ear lobes...Shoul I trim them to get them even or should I just keep pinning them back until one day i realize they're CBL?

Leah Polamalu
September 21st, 2012, 05:10 PM
My bangs at their shortest are to my lips. Longest, to my chin. I don't know why I keep cutting bangs. Hopefully this past time was my last impulse for a while.

Miss Catrina
September 21st, 2012, 05:16 PM
Bottom of my nose...

I don't really know what I'm going to do with them. They don't ever lay right because of a cowlick (always looks stringy and piecey even when completely clean), so I push them back all the time... But I don't look good with no bangs, either, if I wear everything down.

September 23rd, 2012, 03:04 AM
Mine is between my collarbone and APL. I am growing it out together with layers.

September 23rd, 2012, 05:45 AM
I'm sooo close to cutting bangs again. They're chin length now and they drive me absolutely crazy!

I have very fine, slippery hair so if I braid them or pin them up, I have to redo it several times a day. Plus I have an oily scalp, so they look greasy and icky very quickly.

And gaaasp I look so... Unkempt and even sad when they're just down, and they keep getting caught in my glasses which hurts plus causes damage.

I hate growing out bangs. Grrrrrrr.

September 23rd, 2012, 03:38 PM
My bangs are between collarbone and arm pit. There are also some shorter, chin length strands. They have grown faster than the rest of my hair.

September 23rd, 2012, 03:47 PM
I hate growing my bangs!! this is the millionth time I've tried and I hope it'll be the last. I look good with bangs but I am SICK of being stuck with them!!!

September 23rd, 2012, 03:49 PM
ack sorry huge picture :(

September 24th, 2012, 10:01 AM
I think I've finally realized that bangs make me look terrible, and old. :rolleyes: If that ain't enough motive for me to grow them out and not cut them!
So far they're moving along well, still not a bother, still stuck back in a combless headband. This is going very smoothly, I keep forgetting they're even there.