View Full Version : Take me to your blogs!

July 7th, 2012, 12:22 AM
What are your favorite blogs -- on LHC or elsewhere -- that deal at least occasionally with hair? My bookmarks folder needs more, more!

The Natural Haven (http://www.thenaturalhavenbloom.com/) - Targeted towards the 4s, but informative for everyone. She's a scientist by trade who talks a lot about different ingredients and hair structure. Great macro shots of split ends.
Igor's Bell Tower (http://igorsbelltower.blogspot.co.uk/) - Definitely one of our own! Good information and a good case against too much biotin. More aimed at longhairs (obviously).
Less hair-focus, still good:
Worth It (http://jezebel.com/worth-it/) - from Jezebel, reviews of products they actually bought themselves. All over the board but occasionally (although mainstreamedly) hair based.
Venusian Glow (http://www.venusianglow.com/) - I suspect she might already be a member here, because she talks about CO-washing, OCM, natural eating, proper bras, etc. I love this blog though.