View Full Version : If you shop for your vitamins at vitacost.com, what do you buy?

July 1st, 2012, 08:49 AM
Dear LHC,

Well,everything is in the title. What is your vitamin regimen if you shop at Vitacost.com for your supplements?

Being new to the world of vitamins,i would like to follow the Bargello's vitamin regimen that seems to be so popular and efficient. However i do not live in the USA,far from it, and vitamins are not really popular in my country so vitacost.com is my only real source to try to stick to the regimen. However,i am a little bit concerned as often the vitamins here have 2000% of RDI of something...Really,who needs 2000%? So if you were to shop there what would you take to follow the regimen but not overdose?