View Full Version : Stubborn cowlicks D:

Dr. Hank McCoy
June 8th, 2012, 10:04 AM
Hey guys! So, I have some really stubborn hair. I think I'm somewhere between 2b-2c, but I'm not quite sure as i have only just started letting it grow out. But... the longer it gets, them more it curls.

The biggest problem I have run into so far are my "Bleeping" cowlicks. :horse: When my hair was short it wasn't that big of a problem.... and little hair paste or something "strong and forceful" and they would behave, but mow that they have some curls to play with they are giving me a lot more trouble! :(

In total i think I have 5, one at the crown, 2 in the back (on either side of my neck line), and 2 up front on either side. What kind of product should I use, or is there a was of "training" them out?

Any advice is welcome and appreciated. THANKS!!!

June 8th, 2012, 01:09 PM
Welcome! I don't have any suggestions for cowlicks, but hopefully someone will? Happy growing!

June 8th, 2012, 01:21 PM
I have a quiff thing cow lick, generally once I get past a certain length the weight of the hair helps tame them.

Have you tried just defining the wave/curl with some oil/ leave-in and letting them look deliberate-ish?

June 8th, 2012, 04:34 PM
I have two cowlicks, one at each outer edge of my bangs, that swoop outwards. Sig pic was a lucky day; usually they look like horns! Apparently that's a typical Irish thing. Everyone in my family has them. I'm growing out my bangs, hoping they'll disappear with length as I'm sure they will, but right now I alternate between drying my bangs to the side and (gasp) straightening them on a low-heat setting every few days ;)

I think cow licks seem to be pretty genetic and basically impossible to get rid of. Though, as you grow your length out the weight will pull them in line with the rest of your hair, so there's hope!