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May 13th, 2012, 12:00 PM
Long story short, my natural colour is blondette. It got lovely sunkissed highlights in summer. I was highlighted blonde for about three years, and I started to crave change. I went with a dark brown, and I loved it for all of... seven months. This is to say, I've started to really miss my old colour, be that highlighted or natural. People tell me that I suit both equally, and I must say I agree, but I felt my happiest with myself when it was blonde. Brown on me is nice, but blonde was head turning. :D

I've done two or three semi permanents over the last half year, although I don't have worries about how they've remove - they fade crazy quick! My concern is the six or so applications of Lush's Caca Brun, which if I'm not mistaken, is a hennindigo gloss? Or would the amount of times I've done it make it less a gloss and more hennindigo? :confused:

Please tell me if I'd be fighting a lost cause to remove them, or if it can be done and if it can, how?? Or would I be better doing my roots with semi permanent and growing it out, painfully slowly? Give it to me straight please! :(

Thanks everyone!

May 13th, 2012, 12:58 PM
Hi hairtwin!

Henna and henndigo can in some cases be removed, but you have no way of knowing if this will be the case for you unless you try it. Baking soda, vinegar, Color Oops, honey, Epsom salt and Dead Sea salt can all remove henna from what I've heard. I think there are other methods but I can't think of them - someone else may suggest them. I have also been trying to remove henna, and I have used all of the above except for Color Oops and honey. My henna is not out and probably will never be, but it blends pretty well so I don't much care anymore. You can also use bleach, but it bleaches out your natural color instead of removing the henna because henna is on the outside of the cuticle where bleach doesn't go. Bleach is also very damaging, as many of us (including me) know from personal experience.
All that said, I hope you get your henna out and you can probably remove at least some. :)
ETA: Chemical hair dye can also be used to cover henna. I can't give you the details though - this was Seeshami's method and I'll just hope she comes by and explains it.

May 13th, 2012, 01:39 PM
I found some methods on how to lighten indigo here: http://forums.hennapage.com/node/1204

I have tried the vitamin C method myself (just couple of times), but I only used Caca brun once, so I'm not sure if it wouldn't just wash out without that after 3 months anyway.

Edit: Lightening henna: http://forums.hennapage.com/node/1577/6164#comment-6164

May 13th, 2012, 02:12 PM
I used color oops to lighten/remove indigo, henna, and buxus.
It worked very well. This week I got blonde highlights, it was mostly fine, only a few strands had some indigo still on it. My hair dresser fixed the issue that those strands caused and it looks perfect now.

May 13th, 2012, 05:35 PM
I got my natural dark blonde colour back after using Lush henna by using colour B4, took quite a few tries and no damage either!

My siggi shows my hair with a red semi dye on, which has since washed out, my hair is now back to dark blonde, which it is staying at! must update my photo!

May 13th, 2012, 08:13 PM
somtimes I miss my natural color, I will probably leave it the way it is but do any of you think color oops/color B4 coukld work to lighten many layers of jet black?