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May 11th, 2012, 10:02 PM
Self-trimming was my thing in 2011! But then for some reason I got it in my silly little head that I needed a "Professional" cut...
It was the biggest mistake ever! It ruined my hair, thinned it out and added wayyy too many layers. I partially blame myself for not giving the hairdresser much instruction, but I regret it nonetheless.


My first one came in 2009 - with, what I commonly refer to as "the bleach disaster." Picture can be found on my profile. However, it did lead me to The Long Hair Community so that wasn't bad!

I have been so depressed this time around because I found The Long Hair Community and my hair looked soooo good....and now its just alllll GONE!

I need to commiserate with all of you over this!!! Maybe it will help me feel better and get back to posting...and posting pics!!

Visit my profile for pictures...soon, hopefully soon, I will be adding more pics ;)

Thank you in advance!

May 11th, 2012, 10:06 PM
Me too! I got layers and finally gave into the pressure to thin my lovely thick hair (I'm growing out from pixie, currently in between shoulder and APL). I hate my hair now. I want it to be long, I regret cutting it so much, I regret highlighting, I regret everything! I sympathize with you! I guess we just need to wait for it all to come back. :(

May 11th, 2012, 10:12 PM
Me too! I got layers and finally gave into the pressure to thin my lovely thick hair (I'm growing out from pixie, currently in between shoulder and APL). I hate my hair now. I want it to be long, I regret cutting it so much, I regret highlighting, I regret everything! I sympathize with you! I guess we just need to wait for it all to come back. :(

Yes, and learn from our mistakes and never do it again!!!

May 11th, 2012, 10:52 PM
Time & patience will make it grow. And before you know it, you will have beautiful long hair.
When it gets longer if you wear it in a bun five days a week, it will protect your hair. You wont
have split ends, and when you wear it down, you will notice its longer.

May 12th, 2012, 12:54 AM
I feel your pain, I've been there.

About 6 years ago I cut my one layer Hip Length hair up to BSL and had it heavily layered and added blonde and red highlights. It was gorgeous for 3 days...then I washed it and had to style it myself. It never looked right again even with a blowfryer, curling iron, hot rollers and hairspray. (cringe!)

Plus, my hair is Fine so the layering didn't add "movement", it just made my stick-straight hair hang in shaggy strings that were fried from the highlighting.

Never. Again.

Now 6 years later, I'm finally back at Hip. The ends are uneven and a little damaged from those highlights but I've seen a lot of improvement since I found LHC. Baby your hair starting NOW! Don't wait like I did, my hair could look and feel sooo much better if I had immediately and consistently treated like antique lace.

Ugh, live and learn.

May 12th, 2012, 01:08 AM
Bleaching my hair to get the red out! The amount of times I had to dye my hair after that to get it to remain a brownish colour and not orange... sigh.
If I had just dyed it a medium ash brown over the red and let it grow from there (and not cared about fading), I would have so much more virgin hair and it would be a helll of a lot longer and healthier! Oh well, my evil ways led me here :)

May 12th, 2012, 01:50 AM
My biggest hair regret would be believing to what various hairdressers had to say to me. That would be the main reason my hair had never grown past APL before.

They said stuff like: your natural colour is mousy and boring so you should always dye your hair, you need layers because you have no volume, you should come to have your hair cut every 6 weeks or your hair will not grow ... I can't believe how naive I was to believe all that crap. Never again!

May 12th, 2012, 04:02 AM
My most recent hair regret was *just* before I found LHC!

I had a few inches taken off AND layers! )-:

I hate the layers, and now that I'm super into growing long hair I wish I hadn't gone for the cut.

I've done a looooot of terrible things to my hair in the past, the worst in my teens...

I bleached it 6 times (IN A ROW) to get it from black to.... yellow/orange/brown.

Then I plopped bright red dye on it & cut it with a razor.

In retrospect I loved it, but I cringe so much looking back on how much damage I must have caused. :shudder:

May 12th, 2012, 04:23 AM
Hair regret 1)
Cutting it to ear length in 2009
It's been 3 years and it's only just BSL
Hair regret 2)
Dyeing it auburn in 2010/11
I didn't realise that once you dye it never fades out
So much for "Semi-permanent"
Hair regret 3)
Getting super-short above-ear-length layers cut in 2011
Now they've grown to my chin but I still wish they were longer

May 12th, 2012, 04:33 AM
The constant dyeing and bleaching. Really wish I'd stopped that sooner but it was so addictive.

Also, getting layers and a side-fringe put in in December. Seemed like a good idea at the time but I'm now growing them out!

May 12th, 2012, 04:51 AM
JuneBride don't feel bad about it, going by your pictures it looks beautiful thick,shiny and a full hemline. I do understand though i went through last year not trimming for nearly 11 months and i've just spent the last two months trimming all my growth it looks thicker but as usual i miss the length i'm hoping come the summer i should have that length back.

Now that you've had a good cut you could just trim every 6 months you know i find that worked really well for me in the past :flowers:

May 12th, 2012, 05:26 AM
I have two regrets,
1) Straightening my hair every day for about 3.5years. I don't regret straightening it as such, i did like how it looked, i just regret doing it so often
2) Not finding LHC sooner! I wish id discovered using coconut oil pre-bleach to protect.

I used to have TB hair when i was in high school and cut back to apl/shoulder when i finished at 16. In one way i think of what my hair could be like now if i hadn't cut it, but really it was the right thing to do at the time because i just wasn't caring for it properly, it was a frizzy mess

May 12th, 2012, 08:18 AM
I regret dyeing my hair very dark brown to cover henna and then bleaching it because the colour looked awful on me. I could have just bleached the henna out, it would have been less damaged than after dyeing it and then bleaching.

May 12th, 2012, 09:05 AM
When I first decided to grow my hair long, I stumbled on this website offering advice on how to do it. One of the bits of advice was 'You have to cut off ALL damage before you even think about growing your hair long. If you don't it will just travel up your hair and it won't grow.' or something to that effect. I had no idea what 'damage' really was, so I spent almost a decade going to stylists for regular trims and asking to have the damage cut off. Unsurprisingly, my hair never got beyond about APL. In fact on several occasions my stylists would insist that over a year's worth of growth needed to be removed if I wanted my ends to be healthy.

I regret listening to that advice like it was the word of God. It's not bad advice, but I've come to realize that hair with a few split ends is still capable of growth. I could have super long hair by now if I had just babied my ends a bit instead of constantly chopping them off!

Sigh... Live and learn. And pass on your wisdom through the LHC.

May 12th, 2012, 09:30 AM
I'd say getting a perm that fried my hair then having to cut it off and grow again. I'm not wanting to straighten my hair. My sware off to chemicals and the other regret I had is a hair dresser that didn't listen to me. I'd go for a trim get a new cut.

May 12th, 2012, 09:50 AM
Oh yes, I've had a few hair regrets. But life goes on and hair grows.

May 12th, 2012, 09:56 AM
Right now I'm most regretting the second haircut I got last year. The first was not bad, just back to BSL to remove damage, but the second... I went for a trim and came back with almost 5" off my hair. It's been growing since then, with one small trim in April, but I really miss mashing enough length to bun it in more than just a shaggy cinnabun. :/ at least this time I have no chemical damage to deal with, but I'm really regretting how short it is, and how long it will take to be long again.

May 12th, 2012, 10:04 AM
I don't regret a professional cut, because we agreed to cut off more than I first wanted, which was necessary, but I just didn't have the courage to do it myself.

I regret not knowing how to take care of my hair before and that I stopped using heat, dye and harsh commercial shampoos just year and a half ago. At that time color and length were more important to me then health of my hair.

I also regret that I didn't try to find any advice on hair care on the internet when my hair was really curly (stupid hormones). The only thing I knew about curly hair was that I can straighten it. :rolleyes:

May 12th, 2012, 10:43 AM
My main hair regret was layering and highlights. I enjoyed my short hair for a brief time, so I don't regret that. (I got bored quickly though.) But the layers and highlights have stuck around. :(

May 12th, 2012, 02:06 PM
I've had several hair regrets in the past, dyes/perms but my biggest recent regret (several years ago, pre-LHC) has been letting a hairdresser talk me into getting layers because they would make my hair look thicker . Ummm.....no, they don't. Layers just make my hair look stringy and are a pain to grow out. Lesson learned....

May 12th, 2012, 02:28 PM
Cutting my WL hair to above my shoulders and layered two years ago, because I was 'older' and it would look more professional and age appropriate. I bet I would be near classic now if I hadn't been so foolish. But it brought me here, where I discovered CO washing, coconut oil, proper brushing and combing, and henna. So it's all good :)