View Full Version : Update from a Scissors Bug Victim

May 8th, 2012, 07:04 PM
As I've posted here and there, I got an impulsive 3-4 inch, long layer salon trim Saturday.
The stylist was the last I trusted to trim my hair, so must have been 4-5 years since my last trim.
I was low bcl,nearing classic.
I'm now just barely touching waist.
After he finished:he was all "Let's schedule your next apt!"
I was all like "I think I need a blanket,and everything they recommend for shock victims."
First I ponytailed it immediately, leaving salon to calm down.
Then I took it down.
I was all "I love this! It's Victoria Secret-ish!" For Saturday night thru Monday night.
This morning I washed it myself.
OMG. END of my 48 hour scissors bug. Always thought it would be awesome to wash freshly cut hair, rather than long long long,straggly,everywhere?
It wasn't awesome. The lighter feel, with layers, length, freaked me out.
I can't believe I soo loved it 3 days;forgetting he'd used product,spray on wet hair! Then blown dry!
I'm sure I could get it to loo,but its against my hair religion! Lol.
I was late for work this morning,trying to figure how to best air dry.
Settled on good old lifesaver, ponytail.
Note to self, and those like me, tempted by the Victoria's Secret commercials hair;
That is those cuts:blown dry, with products you wouldn't believe in either.
Missing my unique, mystical, magical looking ACL hair. Sure I rarely wore my bcl hair down: news flash; my non blow dryed awl hair is up in a not so unique looking ponytail too!
But I'm a happy person so;having fun chuckling at myself, appreciating my new found thickness, and new found lovely healthy ends.
Happily anticipating how much nicer my new hemlines and braids will look.
And heading out to buy the pre-natal vitamins that smell bad again!
Since I'm in it now; I plan to have fun with it.
Apologize for rambling, but thought reflections from a scissors bug victim could be nice for others with the fever.
If you've recently major trimmed or cut, please share, celebrate and or rant?

May 8th, 2012, 07:29 PM
The lightness is what amazed me :magic: with layers my hair felt so much more... Less! I was scared that the newfound lightness would cause me to need to find out new ways of styling and panicked too. But I got used to it, and began to love the way it fell!it looked like they took off 5 inches, :( but as time went on I just loved my new easy to style hair and thick ends so much it was all worth it :D did you go to a professional salon?

May 8th, 2012, 08:05 PM
Yes, I went to a Phillip Pelucci's.
I saw the stylist one day in the mall; curly waist length hair: was what made me trust him.
Thank you for your encouraging words on becoming comfortable with the layers and lightness!
I allready love the healthy endsand I couldn't go , tho my old fairytale ends:at about 5 years with no trims,I never knew if it was a shed hair hanging on, or a long straggler. But, I didn't care. Thought I looked "magical, like a crone should." Lol. I loved how through it all I thought about LHC. Letting him blowdry my cut, thinking "I never do it,why argue it." Spray on wet hair:with him teaching me "Here's a tip!" (My hair did look pretty awesome for 48 hours there) I could Not go to bed, without updating LHC what i'd done. LHC is an incredible site,when you think about it. Anything and everything that happens to each of us;you know we'll be sharing it here. :)

May 8th, 2012, 08:44 PM
the victorias secret models all wear hair extensions. their hair doesn't look like that all the time. :)