View Full Version : Elumen ~ Need some explanation...

April 10th, 2012, 10:09 AM
Hello everyone...
I do henna every month and in between i am having the manic panic (Vampire red) and i love it very much. i'd like to elumen my hair while it grows (not wanting to put on my hair harsh chemicals), but I am so confused with the colors, the color coding, the prepare, the lock... i cannot find a color chart that I can read, how much is needed, how long to leave it on the hair. I've read several articles on here but my head is spinning and I think I am even more confused. Here are the questions I have, maybe one of you kind ladies could answer for me?

color codes: where to look at a color chart? with the manic panic at the moment (see my latest pics in my abum) my hair is burgundy and i love it. how to choose the right shade for your hair?

Prepare and lock: you use the prepare before the color and the lock to seal the color in after the color, am i right?

How much is needed and how long to leave the Elumen on?

I read that is is quite permanent, but Elumen is really really low on damaging the hair, is that true?

I have found several places to purchase the Elumen line, mostly on Amazon. Can you recommend a place from experience where you ordered and got a great experience?

Sorry for all these newbie questions... Thank you in advance!