View Full Version : First True Blood Season 5 Clip Tease!

April 3rd, 2012, 07:19 PM

In the very first scene of the clip you see Sookie and someone else burying someone (probably that bitch Debbie Pelt). Is it Lafayette?

Or is it a disguised Tara? Because last we saw Lafayette he was wearing a grey jersey knit shirt with pink stripe trim and cotton blue stripe pants.

The scene with Sookie sitting down in the shower: Is she mourning the loss of her friend or freaking out over killing Debbie Pelt with the shotgun?

Who is doing the voice over?

I think the woman Eric is kissing is Salome.

I can see Newlin is glamouring Jason. I Jessica going to sense he is in danger and come back? (When we left off last season she had just left his house so she would be close)

At 26 seconds in, is that Terry's old war buddy slapping him to the ground?

Do you think the wolf that was coming after Sam was Martha Bozeman? The newly listed character and probably Marcus Bozeman's mother?

So many good questions.