View Full Version : How do you swim daily with long hair??

April 3rd, 2012, 01:25 PM
We started a family membership to our local health club and pool. Ds and dh have been doing 1 hour of laps daily and love it. I sit by the pool and watch them. I would love to do the laps, as well, but my hair is down to my knees. Hell, I'd love to swim for pure pleasure, forgetting laps altogether!

Daily swimming means daily washing. It would be a MUST and would also be soooooooooo tedious (!). It takes over an hour+ wrapped in a towel to absorb the excess moisture before I even think about drying it. I can't see daily shampooing for hair this long as being good for it, nor the constant exposure to pool chemicals.

I know swim caps don't really keep your hair dry (and, I don't think they make ANY big enough for this much hair). I hate how tight they are and they always used to pull my hair out, on removing the cap, when I was a kid.

Crap, I guess I just wanted to vent. Some days, I really want to cut it and have wash-&-wear hair!!! But, it is so much a part of me, I'm not sure I can ever do it.

April 3rd, 2012, 01:30 PM
The last time I was on vacation, I would get up every morning and generously coconut oil my hair, then snugly braid it. At the end of the day, I'd at least rinse if not wash it with diluted shampoo and leave it down to dry, although some days it was still damp in the morning.

April 3rd, 2012, 01:40 PM
Alright genius inventors out there make a water proof hair snood for us.

I never let my hair hold me back from something I want. Yes I am the person that says "I will have my cake and I will eat it too thank you very much." If my hair is never dry because of washing or swimming then so be it. It was never dry in Hawaii when we went and no one felt the need to guilt me about it. If I was swimming everyday I would be able to switch to strictly conditioning only. The chemicals will strip everything out so you wouldn't need to soap it up.