View Full Version : did a chop and hated it here, i did something in the wrong order with new products xX

April 2nd, 2012, 10:07 PM
hey guys, first post on the mane forum ^-^ i'm a dude from st. louis and love hair! i joined here to join in on the journey for longer hair again.

formerly 3b now 2a
recently cut 2-3-4 inches
i used to use a shea + soap &
various moisturizers/protein
but needed a no-soap cleanser
so this is my problem

instead of A (what i think i should have done) i did B (what i did) :(

*A* day 1 had lots of buildup

day 2 rebought joico chelating shampoo and deep-condition

after that : switched to my new devacurl/clarifying every once in awhile
and some new coconut/fish oil, periodic protein/reg condit and bi-weekly coconut oil


*B* day 1 had hellllllllla buildup

day 2haven't had sulfates in foreverrr. at aloss, so i used my room mates very cheap/ drying shampoo.

day 3 i put cheap/ nasty castor oil on my scalp and worked out EW!!~!

day 4 got malibu un-goo instead of joico chelating and tried that

it worked but now my hair is a weair mix of super stiff and with some aloe-like sheen on it. :poot:

i just want a good cleaning/ conditioning routine :/
should i do the "after that" under A?

April 2nd, 2012, 10:15 PM
or should i find a thread to post this under..? i'm a little confused on how this board operates because there is no "about me"

April 2nd, 2012, 10:26 PM
You can't access the "about me" section right now in your profile since you're a brand new member. It takes 25 posts to do that, and also to look at other people's profiles. The forum can be a little confusing to a new member, you'll figure it out in time. :)

I'm a little bit confused about what you're asking...? You could probably just use a clarifying shampoo on your hair right now to get rid of the leftover oils and whatnot, and condition it afterwards. How much you need to clarify really depends on how much product you are using (conditioners containing silicones, oils, etc.), and if you use a lot once a week makes sense.

So yeah, I guess you should do that "after that" in part A now, that will probably get your hair back to normal.