View Full Version : Unique hairstyles for long hair...

January 4th, 2012, 06:25 PM
Hey guys, I have always loved edgy haircuts and bright hair dyes, my hair is very layered (BSL hair with layers as short as a few inches!) and very thinned out at the bottom because over the last few 4 or 5 years I always have them take out the bulk with thinning shears (wish I now want to hit myself for :(). Anywho, I have decided that I want my natural thick healthy hair back. So I am growing out my damaged hair, my bright red chemical dye, growing out my many layers and not going anywhere near thinning shears so I can get my thickness back. My dilemma is that I still love edgy hair because it suits my style and personality, and I can already feel my fingers itching to cut in some more choppy layers or dye it another color, but I am determined to fight the urge :luke:
I am trying to figure out ways to combine my love of the more unique styles, and my desire for long healthy hair. So I thought it would be fun if people would post pictures of edgy hairstyle ideas for long hair, and I would be much obliged. :)

Ill start with one I've found: