View Full Version : No luck at the Renaissance Faire

November 9th, 2011, 09:14 AM
Well, I had added this as a reply in the "Halloween styles" thread, but it really doesn't belong there. So, in the discussion regarding Renaissance Faire braiding, this is what I said:

I went to one this weekend, hoping to hang out and watch the braiding, but Ellen (from Pandora's locks) wasn't there! I spoke to several people who knew her and had also expected her.

I had done a quick half-up, twin lace Dutch pinned back into a coil, and got several compliments on it, then took it down for about an hour, and then put it back up into a full twin lace Dutch, with the center portion just going into a plain English, and then pinned the whole thing back up into a coil (basically a rose bun) at the nape. Unfortunately, I had lost my elastics and all but 2 bobby pins, so I asked one of the musicians packing up (the only female around) if it looked okay. She tucked a little here and there and said it really looked nice, and we got to talking about hair, braiding, music, playing music for weddings, etc., and I gave her one of my business cards. Then we talked about Ellen (Pandora's Locks), and I explained that I had wanted to be there to meet her. So, it turns out that this musician also knows Ellen and got another card from me to give to her. She also laughed and said that she could testify that I could make a pretty braid in a very short period of time with only 2 bobby pins!

So, I will keep my fingers crossed!