View Full Version : Anyone have any dye advice for me? :) Have a quick question!

October 11th, 2011, 09:54 PM
I've been doing pretty regular semi-permanent dyes to help with my demarcation lines from where I lightened my hair a few years ago. It's gotten sort of expensive (I have to buy a new bottle every 2 weeks if I'm lucky) and I'm sick of doing it, frankly (I always stain SOMETHING). I really just want to buy a developer and dye from Sally's and be done with it. I know there'll still be some fading but certainly not as bad as this stuff- my water runs brown every time I shower. I wanted to avoid any possible damage but I'm ready to accept I'll probably have some.

My question is, should I be wary of using a dye with developer over a semi-perm color? I don't want any strange color reactions and I know nothing about this stuff. Anyone with any experience? Any advice is welcome! :D The semi-perm dye I've been using is Clairol Beautiful Collection.