View Full Version : Going back and forth on insignificant changes

October 9th, 2011, 11:38 PM
There's probably been a ton of posts like this. I've been long haired for most of my life, for all of my conscious life. And I had virgin hair for all the time, except for one time deposit dye affair and henna (for 2 years?) now. Both dye and henna are not far off from overall shade of my natural hair colour, just a shade darker. I think my natural colour and texture are nice, not monochrome, with lighter and darker strands that look like natural highlights, but this effect is not noticeable with henna.
So every now and then I drag out hennaing, for like 2 months, where I have this mental protest of covering my natural colour with something else, then I go 'Ooh, my natural colour is so nice' (goes better with tan than henna), then I flip through my old pictures, yep, it looked nice and soft, but it lacked oomph that I would probably want, so between bleaching highlights and henna I would just stick with henna, so I slap henna on.
The same goes with trimming: I was usually "maintaining at waist" meaning I would have haircuts between BSL and hip, with drastic layers or straight across hemline. So lately I was in the phase, where I didn't want to cut it and just let it grow. Then it was tangling more and I didn't wear it down as much, so I cut it. It didn't help much so I cut it again. Then I'm back in the phase where I just don't want to cut it and want to let it be, even if I'm still not wearing it down.
So really the choice is between auburn and auburn and long and long. But it takes looong time to grow henna out all the way, and so is to grow curly hair from BSL to classic.
Does that make sense?
I go between keeping it wild and cut, coloured and styled. And regardless of the above, it is the same look, some people wonder why I don't noticably change my hair. I've never had.