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October 9th, 2011, 08:29 PM
I am having a huge sell off of some of my collection. All items are As New unless stated.
Items are listed in $US
All stated lengths are total lengths.
Please refer to my lengths listed here and not on etsy listings as some of these have been changed.
PM me if you are interested in any of these pieces, postage is $6 within Australia, and $9.50 for ordinary postage worldwide. I am very happy to combine post as several items can be posted for this post cost. If you would like more secure, tracked or recorded postage, then please let me know and I will sort out a more detailed quote,

1)Monk The Monk fork. Blue green with inlay Length 5’ 7/8 COMES WITH mtm pj’S $35
2)Monk The Monk fork. Grey pink with inlay Length 5’ 7/8 COMES WITH mtm pj’S $35
3) Quattro Hair Sticks 'FlexStix' Silver Bronze Basics
Length 5’ 1/8 (set of2) $18
4) Quattro Hair Accessories 'StarLites Colors' Combo Fork Set
Length 5’ . (set of2) $28
5) Ficcare Ficcarissimo Honey Marble with gold Size Medium $28.
9) Chloe Hairstick Featuring Cocobolo with 2 Bands Inlaid with Bronze Infused Purple Turquoise and 4 Bands Inlaid with Silver
Length 6‘ $48.
10) Chloe Hairstick Featuring Turquoise Gemwood Dymondwood
Length in real life is 5’ 7/8 $26.
11) Chloe Hairstick Featuring Monterillo with 2 Bands Inlaid with Green Turquoise and 4 Bands Inlaid with Brass
Length this item was resized by TT and is now 6’ 1/8 $48.
12) Princess Neoma Hairstick Featuring Vineyard Dymondwood
Length 6’ 1/8. $33
13) Rose Lovers Hairstick Featuring African Blackwood inlaid with Rhodochrosite and Green Turquoise
Length 6’ . $56.
14) Princess Neoma Hairstick Featuring Lignum Vitae with 3 Bands Inlaid with Purpurite and 6 Bands Inlaid with Silver
Length 6’ 1/8. $56.
15) Princess Neoma Hairstick Featuring African Blackwood with 5 Bands Inlaid with Bronze Infused Purple Turquoise and 10 Bands Inlaid with Brass
Length 6’ 1/8. $67.
Flexi 8 ‘s for sale (some used once)
16) Mini - silver pink fairy $6
17) Extra small - silver pink fairy $8
18) small – Gold green beads $9
19) small – Silver wood beads $9
20) small – Silver purple beads $9
21) Medium – Gold pink beads $10
22) Medium – Gold green beads $10
23) Large – Gold green beads $11
24) Extra Large – Gold blue beads $14
25) Extra Large – Gold green beads $14
26) Mairzydozy Autumn Breeze hair fork
I bought this on the swap board but it is big on me 5 inches of functional length $12.