View Full Version : Herringbone bun????

October 3rd, 2011, 02:27 PM
Hey all.... my google abilities are failing me at the moment, so I need some LHC help! I remember seeing a link to a video on how to do a low-side-herringbone-flower-bun. It was a beautiful bun, and I thought that I had saved the link... but of course now that I want to wear that bun the link is gone!

I am going to a benefit dinner on Saturday and need my hair out of my face but looking pretty :). I am wearing a long flowy maxi dress and will have a shawl over my shoulder. The dress does have a print, so I am hoping that the bun I am thinking of doesn't seem to be to much. I thought about wearing my hair down and using my Caurso rollers, but I am afraid I would be pushing out of my face all night and that would look bad...

Any help would be awesome!! Thanks guys!!