View Full Version : Help me find a particular Mei Fa Hair stick?

September 15th, 2011, 06:49 PM
Hello LHC! I am here to present a little challenge for you. I've been looking around for a nice pair of Mei Fa hair sticks lately and have stumbled upon a photo of the ones I want! However, I have scoured a few websites to find it but I have only found ones similar to it. Here is a direct link (http://www.shaunebazner.com/images/category_images/thumbnail_hairstyx%20by%20designer%20sets.jpg) to the one I am talking about.
See the one at the very front on the left? I really like how the top bead is clear with golden threads in it and a pearl right beneath it. I have found a stick that is similar to it - one that is named Cynthia (http://mp.hairboutique.com/Mei-Fa-Hairstyx-Cynthia-Long-Hairsticks-Set-of-2/P/108130/C/). However it is missing the pearl bead.
So I was wondering if you ladies (or gentlemen) have seen that particular pair I've been wanting anywhere. Or if you possibly own one and would like to sell it to me :)
Thanks for the help in advance, I hope there is still a pair of this hair stick somewhere!