View Full Version : Deep treatments for damaged hair? Yogurt/henna/avocado/coconut mix?

September 14th, 2011, 05:02 PM
Hi all,

My boring story:
I stopped dying my hair with chemicals a couple months ago and have just a few inches of new growth. My length is past my shoulders and it feels like straw in comparison to my roots. It is always frizzy and crunchy feeling. I can't ever wear it down because it just looks really bad... sticking every which way, dull, frizz. The only things that have helped it lay down so far are henna (makes it perfect until the next wash) and protein treatments (I do avocado). Has anyone tried yogurt as a protein treatment? I was thinking of doing weekly deep treatment / protein treatment using avocado and yogurt and coconut milk together. I think it needs megaprotein constantly from being bleached. I use a conditioner with protein in it, and have been CO for months but it's still pretty stiff and frizzy except when I henna it. Protein treatments help marginally, the henna is really the only thing that helps.

I would henna once a week but I don't know how often I can do it? I was thinking of hennaing the ends once a week or 2 weeks, since that's the most damaged part.

Oiling doesn't seem to have much benefit for me, sometimes it works and sometimes it makes it dry and frizzy as well (I've tried coconut and olive).

My question:
Anyway, anyone know anything that helps restore their super damaged hair as they are growing it out? Is indigo protective too? Will cassia help the same as henna does? I'm especially curious about weekly yogurt treatment, or if anyone has done a henna gloss using yogurt as the base.