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June 30th, 2008, 12:49 AM
Hey there, new to forum-does anyone have an example (photo) of the "brooms" on hair ends or the "fairy tales" ? I would like to see. My back story will freak some of you out... I always had mid back length hair in highschool then I SHAVED my head when I was 18-3 on the sides and a 4 on top-then grew it out. That was many moons ago of course now I'm just trying to have the healthiest hair I can, I'm not going for much past mid back and it's below shoulder.

June 30th, 2008, 12:59 AM
Right so I found the link in the articles section, so my own question is answered. In case I don't find an explanation A. How do I type my hair B. If I can't is someone here able to guess based on photographic evidence?

June 30th, 2008, 01:02 AM
Hey Ruthless. For a hairtyping guide try taking a look at this link (http://homepage.mac.com/annsofie.henriksson/hairtyping/Personal27.html). It has classifiers and a visual representation of each type for you to compare yourself to as well. I hope it works out well for you!